Huge fans for food & beverage makers

Big Ass Fans has launched Essence, a new fan in Australia that’s a bit different from the traditional, enormous industrial fans the company is named for. 

Ranging from 2.4 to 4.2m in diameter, the fans are designed to provide quiet, comforting air movement more suitable for commercial spaces such as food/beverage areas, offices and lobbies, and sound-sensitive environments. 

When designing the new fan, the company said its engineers started by identifying shortcomings of existing fans and then replaced the traditional, geared ceiling fan motor with a maintenance-free, permanent magnet drive. 

The motor features multiple microprocessors that monitor room conditions, like temperature power use and so on, in order to ensure lasting performance.
In air conditioned spaces, the fan’s breeze is said to reduce reliance on expensive, energy-intensive air conditioning. In the summer, the fan’s breeze can create up to a 5.5°C cooling effect, so building managers can raise thermostat setpoints to reduce air conditioning usage by up to 30 per cent.

During colder months, the fan can be slowed to gently push warm air trapped at the ceiling down to occupant level, lowering heater usage. Additionally, the fan is damp rated so it can be used indoors or out, serving as an energy-efficient alternative in spaces where air conditioning is impractical.