Creating FDA-approved plastic components for the food industry

E-Plas is an Australian company that specialises in industrial and high-performance plastics, especially within the food and beverage industries.

One of its distributorships is for Quadrant EPP’s Tivar series of specialty FDA-compliant UHMWPE products.

The Tivar HPV range of products can be used in food and beverage production for direct food contact applications and many products that enhance productivity and operator safety.

Tivar HPV is predominately used in conveyor applications where companies are looking to achieve dry running chain, therefore reducing the amount of water used to lubricate contact points between the conveyor chain and track/bed.

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Tivar MD, which is a metal-detectable grade of UHMWPE, can be used wherever low coefficient of friction is required prior to passing through metal detectors.

One example of its use is for name plates for batch numbers, which are placed onto batches of meat prior to food processing to identify them then removed before processing/mixing.

Any shards that may have broken off the labels during handling are then easily found and removed through metal detection before packaging.

Tivar HOT, as its name suggests, is used wherever low coefficient of friction is required with a high operating temperature such as entry or exit points of ovens for baked goods.

Another polyethylene product by Quadrant EPP is PE 500, which E-Plas supplies to be made into change parts, such as star wheels and scrolls for food conveyors. It is also FDA approved.

Sustarin C Acetal, which is available in natural or black, is FDA approved for direct contact with food. Sustarin MDT Acetal, metal detectable, is used for chopping blades or mixing blades for food processing and cutting and can pass through a metal detector prior to packaging. Also available is HDPE in natural and black.

It is FDA approved and is well known for its use as commercial cutting boards both small and large scale, worktops, knife holders and rollers.

Polycarbonate is known for its use in machine guarding and safety screening and is selected for its clarity combined with extreme break strength and durability. A safety favourite for many years, it offers the visibility of glass or acrylic with a high impact resistance.

E-Plas Manufacturing provides fabrication services, such as CNC, standard machining and cut-to-size. It can produce roller-chain guide profiles, conveyor tracks and corners, sprockets, filter cones, test trays, star wheels, machine guarding and other associated components to specifications. E-Plas is ISO 9001 accredited.