Research project improves manufacturing process of insecticide

Bio-Gene Technology Limited has completed the latest stage of a development project with CSIRO, which improves the yield and cost of the synthesis process for the production of flavesone – the active constituent contained within Flavocide.

Flavocide is patented worldwide by Bio-Gene as an insecticide.

It has demonstrated activity against a range of insect pests. It was initially formulated as an emulsion in water for use in a range of agricultural and public health applications.

The latest project has successfully developed an improved process for production of flavesone in a more efficient and higher yielding manner.

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The new process lowers the costs of raw materials, achieves more efficient homogenous process reactions, produces less waste material and results in a finished product of high purity.

It also provides significant additional intellectual property for Bio-Gene.

Bio-Gene CEO Richard Jagger said achieving a commercially viable manufacturing process of its compound is an important milestone not only for Bio-Gene but also for prospective partners.

“These improvements in the manufacturing process underpin the long term supply of our product. We are now in a position to engage targeted manufacturers to undertake pilot plant production of Flavocide,” said Jagger.

To supplement the project, Bio-Gene received a $50,000 grant through the Australian government’s innovation connections program.

The grant was facilitated by CSIRO’s SME connect team, who connect small and medium sized businesses with the best research expertise and capabilities to fast-track their research and development projects.

CSIRO principal research scientist Dr Adam Meyer said CSIRO believes in creating value for its customers and it is pleased with the results of the project.

“Working with Bio-Gene, CSIRO has developed a new process that not only significantly reduces cost and waste, bit also improves the yield allowing for the production of falvesone at pilot plant scale,” said Meyer.