New York Craft Beer maker chooses fresh floor finish [VIDEO]

Craft brewer, Brooklyn Brewery recently sought major re-development work, including upgrades to floor coating systems located in the brewery’s main production halls, at its long standing home in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighbourhood in New York.

Bucking the trend for dairy brick, the brewer opted Flowcrete’s urethane cement for major upgrade works to its manufacturing facility located at the former matzo plant where it has operated since 1996.

The brewery, which originally opened its doors to a dozen visitors each Friday evening in the late nineties now nets around 3,000 to 4,000 visitors each weekend, including New Yorkers and visitors from across the globe on a pilgrimage to taste the company’s distinct brands and flavours.

Flowcrete’s durable and slip-resistant, Flowfresh SR cementitious urethane was selected for installation in the brewery’s main production hall with a subsequent topcoat of 100% solids Flowcoat CR for additional chemical resistance in the face of punishing brewing conditions.

It takes a lot of heat to turn malt, hops, water and yeast into a beer ready for tasting. The heat helps unlock the enzymes and contributes to alcohol level. The malt is mixed at temperatures as high as 200 degrees – filling the plant with a sweet-smelling aroma for employees and visitors to the site taking the weekly tours. During brewing, the mixture varies between boiling and 65 degrees.

Flowfresh material is highly durable offering excellent thermal cycling and thermal shock resistance. This makes the material ideal for installation in areas subject to extremely hot temperatures or those that may be exposed to intermittent hot spillage or hot water wash down processes.

Unlike dairy brick, Flowfresh cementitious urethane systems are installed in a seamless application, meaning no joint or grout lines, which can become susceptible to damage and cracking and once penetrated offer a ripe spot to harbour dirt, dust and other bacteria.

Seamless Flooring Systems Inc. in Somerdale, N.J, completed the installation work over seven consecutive weekends. The installation was challenging for crews as much of the equipment remained in-situ throughout the install. As such, highly skilled applicators working low down and often in tight spaces were required.

“A lot of labor was involved, with crews applying a degreaser prior to pressure washing, followed by treatment with a diamond grinder to remove contaminants in the cement, much of it worn down to expose aggregate,” said Chris McDermott, Vice President of Seamless Flooring Systems Inc.

“With the forklift traffic and dropping kegs, brewing is one of the most abusive industries we deal with,” he continues. Although cementitious urethane isn’t a permanent fix, with correct care and maintenance can be serviceable for upwards of 15 years.

There are a lot of urethane cements available on the market but they’re not all the same. An antimicrobial additive – Polygiene – is standard in Flowcrete’s Flowfresh systems, which have been installed in countless food and beverage manufacturing facilities across the world for more than 30 years. “I won’t put epoxy down,” McDermott warns.

Flowfresh material is certified by HACCP International as food-grade for use in both wet and dry processing and production areas. This international standard recognises both the safety and suitability of this product to meet the variety of challenges found in the food and beverage manufacturing industry.

Speaking on completion of the project, Brian Campbell, Flowcrete Americas’ Regional Manager for the East Coast said, “The Brooklyn Brewery project is a testament to both the quality of the Flowfresh materials alongside the skill and talent of the installation team.”

“I look forward to visiting Williamsburg to check in on how the floor is holding out and perhaps have a tipple at the same time.”


Anti-slip surface protection film

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This is a thin, almost invisible film that protects surfaces from everyday wear and tear. It has been certified to a P4 slip rating. The product comes in a 1.2m x 15m mini roll and a 80mm x 15m roll which is ideal for stair cases.

Reducing the number of stripping and recoating events required, the anti-slip film needs no special tools or techniques for installation or removal. The film is ideal for waxed vinyl, sealed concrete, marble, ceramic tile, terrazzo and more. In addition, it is compatible with standard floor cleaning procedures and cleaning chemicals.

In addition to meeting the slip resistance requirements the unique peelable feature of this product removes the need to use mechanical methods or harsh chemicals to remove and replace coating.

Chef’s Pantry keeps veg fresh with new flooring

When Chef’s Pantry refurbished the vegetable processing area of its Braeside plant, it was imperative for the food distribution business to ensure a hygienic environment that would maintain the freshness of its produce.

To meet this top priority and minimise the risk of contamination, a specialist flooring solution was installed that would facilitate the removal of dirt, grime and bacteria from the area.

Approximately 1,200m² of Flowfresh SR (4-6mm) and Flowfresh Sealer was installed to create a seamless, easy to clean finish that would maintain an impervious, gap-free coating despite the busy onsite operating conditions that are inherent to supplying over 90 tonnes of fresh food products every week. Drainage was incorporated into the finish so that unwanted contaminants could be quickly washed out of the area.

Daniel Grunfield, Chef’s Pantry’s Sales Manager, said that thanks to the new floor “cleaning is so much easier and faster”. He added that “cleanliness is the most important part of our business, and with this floor it is much easier to tell if we have a problem and so much easier to keep clean as well”.

The new, Ash Grey, light-reflective finish would provide the site with an aesthetically pleasing surface able to withstand the inevitable impacts, traffic, spillages and cleaning that it would be subjected to.

A key factor behind Chef’s Pantry’s choice of flooring was that Flowcrete Australia’s Flowfresh range has been HACCP International certified. HACCP International operates a product certification scheme within which they evaluate materials intended for the food industry to identify food safety hazards and appropriate controls in order to reduce the risk of food contamination from those materials. This is now a key requirement of many due diligence processes, including the approved procurement of materials.

Flowcrete Australia’s Victoria Sales Manager, Arthur Karayannis, said, “Flowfresh has been designed to meet the challenging flooring needs of the food and beverage industry, where it is critical to keep processing areas clean and clear despite the chemicals, traffic, equipment and intensity inherent to the sector.

“This food safe approach to flooring was ideal for Chef’s Pantry, which knew that getting the processing area right was essential to providing the freshest and highest quality produce to its customers.”

Another important factor for Chef’s Pantry when it was undertaking its flooring specification was that the flooring incorporates the antimicrobial additive Polygiene. This silver-ion based agent is able to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria in contact with the floor. The polyurethane system has been proven to meet the ISO 22196 standard, which measures the antibacterial effectiveness of plastics and other non-porous surfaces.

The combination of HACCP International certification and ISO 22196 compliance proves that Flowfresh is uniquely tailored to meet the food industry’s stringent hygiene demands.

Flowcrete Australia’s approved applicator had to ensure that the flooring project was undertaken quickly, as there was only a limited shut down opportunity available. It was also important to minimise the installation timetable, as taintable food was being stored in an adjacent area.

The flooring’s positively textured finish provides a slip resistant surface, which enhanced the safety levels in Chef’s Pantry’s vegetable processing area, where dropped produce, spillages and cleaning water could potentially lead to slippery conditions.

Huon Aquaculture expands on a Flowfresh floor

The food manufacturing design specialist Wiley specified a high performance resin floor from Flowcrete Australia for a $12 million, state-of-the-art smokehouse.

The flooring project at the Huon Aquaculture Smokehouse and Product Innovation centre in Parramatta Creek, Tasmania, was part of a 10-month construction programme to upgrade, centralise and future-proof the large-scale salmon producer’s operations.

The project involved a refurbishment of the existing site as well as an extension that would double the business’ footprint. The new facility opened in July 2015, bringing together Huon’s full range of seafood processing, which incorporates whole fish, fresh fish and value-added cold and hot smoked salmon production.

Huon’s Managing Director, Peter Bender, said in the company’s press release: “The new smokehouse and new product centre is part of a four-year, $200 million controlled growth strategy for the company which consolidates our operations to Tasmania, delivers increased production capacity and efficiency whilst reducing our environmental footprint.”

Wiley have been a long-term partner with Huon Aquaculture and utilised its extensive expertise in the industry to create a revitalised facility that is expected to deliver over one million dollars in cost savings in its first year alone.

Huon Aquaculture’s floor area would have to withstand the annual production of 17,000 tonnes of fresh salmon, which will subject it to heavy equipment, spillages of fish and by-products, frequent cleaning, thermal shock and constant foot traffic. As one of Australia’s premium global producers of fresh and smoked salmon products, the new 2,500m2 facility would need a floor that met the highest standards of cleanliness despite these difficult operating conditions.

Wiley contacted Flowcrete Australia regarding its ultra-hygienic antimicrobial Flowfresh flooring range and specified its polyurethane system Flowfresh SR for the task at hand. The durability of Flowfresh combined with its anti-slip, easy to clean finish made it ideal for Huon’s new facility.

A 6mm layer of Flowfresh SR was applied in the smokehouse’s main processing areas, with stainless steel drainage incorporated into the finish. Different colours designate each part of the site to aid navigation and reduce cross contamination. A Signal Green floor was installed in the Cold Smoke Slicing room and Warm Buff was used for the Hot Smoke Slicing room.

Flowcrete Australia’s Managing Director, Sean Tinsley, said: “Being specified for this project is a testament to the quality of Flowfresh, as it had to meet the high standards and rigorous demands of one of the nation’s largest salmon producers as well as a premier food industry Designer Builder.

“Thanks to its highly successful, tried-and-tested ability to create a hygienic floor finish within food and beverage industry facilities, Flowfresh has recently been accredited with HACCP International Certification. This achievement means that food producers can specify Flowfresh, safe in the knowledge that it complies with a crucial, globally recognised standard for food safety.”

A key component of Flowfresh’s hygienic credentials stems from the fact that it has been enhanced with the antimicrobial agent Polygiene®, which utilises the natural bactericidal properties of silver to eliminate germs and microbes. The Polygiene® additive is homogenously distributed throughout Flowfresh’s resin matrix, a formulation that has been tested to meet the ISO 22196 standard for measuring a surface’s antibacterial effectiveness on plastics and other non-porous surfaces.

It was crucial that the production areas maintained a clean and fresh appearance, not only to ensure a safe processing space, but also because a suspended walkway allows customers and visitors to view the facility, further emphasising the importance of portraying a spotless appearance.

Huon Aquaculture wanted it to be possible to expand its site again at a later date. Wiley therefore designed the facility so that it could be added to over the years. The Flowfresh floor ties into this aim and its robust nature means that it will be able to handle an increased workload at a later date.