Cream of the crop flooring for Bannister Downs Dairy

Founded in 1924 by pioneers Edith and James Daubney, Bannister Downs Dairy Farm was named as such thanks to Edith’s maiden name Bannister. Passed down through the generations, the farm is now managed by the Daubney’s grandson and his family.

Following the deregulation of the dairy industry in the millennium year, the Daubney family saw an opportunity to process and bottle milk in its own creamery facility.

In the pursuit of excellence, every aspect of the facility was carefully planned and considered from the ground up. To ensure that the creamery maintained good hygiene, the hard-wearing, chemical-resistant polyurethane resin system Flowfresh SR  was installed.

Thanks to its level of chemical resistance, Flowfresh SR was ideal for the silo area, kitchen, processing, mixing, ingredients and filling rooms, where there would be a high chance of produce being spilled or dropped.

In a similar vein, the polyurethane resin system is resistant to temperatures from -15°C to 90°C, meaning that there would be no risk of floor failure in the working cool room, freezer, cool storage room and ambi chamber areas of the facility.

Regular exposure to foodstuffs and varying temperatures can take its toll on lesser floors over time. For example lactose in dairy is a natural sugar, which can be corrosive to a floor’s coating if there is daily exposure. Strong chemical cleaners used to wash away spillages of this nature can have a similarly corrosive effect on the floor if the correct properties are not specified. Therefore, having a high chemical resistance was imperative to Bannister Downs Dairy.

The durability and abrasion resistance of Flowfresh SR was extremely important in the dry store, carton room and loading dock, where packaged produce would be stored, transported and loaded onto distribution vehicles. Areas of point loading are often at the mercy of heavily laden pallets and forklift trucks carrying weighty items. Moving heavy materials can cause wear on the floor, and abrasions are extremely likely to occur if items are dropped or dragged along the finish over an extended period of time.

For all food and beverage facilities, coving can form an integral part of the flooring system. It creates a sealed finish between the floor and wall joint, leaving no gaps for bacteria to reside, grow and multiply. The coving utilised in The Creamery, combined with the seamless, impervious Flowfresh SR finish, ensures that any spilled produce is quickly and easily cleaned away.

To enhance the hygiene of this system further, Flowfresh SR contains Polygiene, an antibacterial additive that can eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria on the floor’s surface when combined with a regular cleaning regime.

With frequent, in-depth cleaning being necessary in such an environment, the slip resistance of Flowfresh SR helps to maintain a safe environment at all times.

Aside from being functional, Flowcrete Australia was also able to supply custom colours for the facility. Light grey, blue, cream and powder blue were used to provide a clean, fresh aesthetic that mirrored Bannister Downs Dairy’s branding.

The high performance, aesthetically pleasing nature of the floor is sure to be appreciated when the creamery expands to include a café and a viewing area, where consumers can watch the production process before sampling the produce.

Flowcrete helps RCL Foods with new vibrant and durable floors

Large-scale, international food producer RCL Foods injected vibrancy and energy into its new Durban office by installing a selection of brightly coloured resin floor finishes from Flowcrete. 

As one of Africa’s leading food producers, responsible for a number of household brand names, RCL Foods aims to portray a high-end image.

Located in Westville’s Westway Office Park, the new building was designed to provide a creative environment using materials that would also meet the specific demands of each area.

This design ethos included specifying a variety of floors that would cleverly meet both the aesthetic and operational demands of the site.

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This was most evident in the building’s test kitchen.

A focal point of the new office, the kitchen needed to be both a visually pleasing showroom as well as a practical area for cooking.

To achieve this, 311 m2 of Flowfresh SR Ultra in a bespoke blue that matched RCL Foods’ corporate colour was installed to link the space to the visual identity of the business.

Flowfresh was ideal for the task at hand, as it is a very durable polyurethane system that is able to survive the temperatures, spillages, chemicals and impacts inherent to a busy kitchen environment.

This Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) International certified system provides the highest possible hygiene levels by incorporating the antibacterial additive Polygiene within the floor, enabling it to eliminate up to 99.9 per cent of bacteria in contact with the floor finish.

To extend this colourful interior design scheme across the building, 272 m2 of Peran SL Fruity flooring was supplied for the 18 male, female and disabled toilets.

This system allowed the designer to use an extensive palette of colours, including Tomato, Kiwi, Grapefruit, Tangerine, Spearmint and Plum, so that no two toilet facilities were the same.

The seamless and impervious nature of Peran SL Fruity makes it quick and easy to clean, helping to ensure that the floor maintains a fresh and unblemished appearance.

The robust credentials of this self-smoothing epoxy system means that it will withstand the foot traffic, cleaning chemicals, scuffs and scrapes that it will inevitably be exposed to.

To guarantee that visitors and staff would be immersed in a colourful and energetic environment from the second they set foot in the building, a decorative floor was installed in the lift lobby on each level of the building’s three-storey car park.

As well as this, 378 m2 of the epoxy resin floor coating Peran STB in a dappled grey colour was applied in the lobby areas to provide a pleasant transition from the car park to the office.

This combination of floor finishes meant that RCL Foods could rest assured that its new office would have a vivid, contemporary and on-brand surface underfoot that would be able to withstand the various challenges that such a busy and unique office space would throw at it.

Flowcrete supplies flooring solutions to transform environments across the globe including waterproof car park deck coating systems, seamless resin terrazzo, durable antimicrobial flooring, fast curing systems and corrosion protection.

Flowcrete Australia has offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and is part of Flowcrete Asia Pacific, one of the four divisions that make up Flowcrete Group Ltd.