Bulla brings Fairy Bread to its Dairy Foods range

Bulla Dairy Foods has built on the success of their Lamington and Coconut Ice range with the introduction of three new flavour stick ice cream combinations.

The newest ice cream range, including Fairy Bread, Cookies & Cream and Cookie Crumble, aims to provide consumers with fresh milk and cream that they love.

According to Bulla Dairy Foods General Manager Nick Hickford, Bulla is committed to tradition and innovation.

“There is nothing more iconic for Australians than fairy bread. By reinventing this family classic and bringing it to life in a fun frozen format, we’re confident that we’ll be keeping this much loved treat alive for many more generations to come,” Hickford says.

Fairy Bread features vanilla-flavoured ice cream dipped in a white choc coating and covered in colourful sprinkles. Cookies & Cream includes cookie-flavoured ice cream dipped in a white choc coating and covered with chocolate cookie pieces.

Bulla’s new range comes in packs of six and is available in most supermarkets.

Bulla adds Baileys to its ice cream

Baileys Original Irish Cream liqueur has now been immortalised in the freezer with a premium collection of Baileys Ice Cream, signifying the beginning of a successful business partnership with Bulla Dairy Foods and Diageo.

Australia’s oldest family owned and operated dairy company Bulla Dairy Foods has collaborated with the world’s leading premium drinks company, Diageo, and its Baileys brand, to craft a luxurious and velvety range of ice creams in Original, Burnt Toffee and Chocolate flavours.

The range oozes indulgence with every spoonful; designed to be enjoyed on its own, as a heavenly treat or used to create tantalising desserts.

Meg Wise, Senior Brand Manager – Licensed, Bulla Dairy Foods said: “Baileys Original Irish Cream is the number one liqueur brand in the world. This range captures Baileys iconic flavour in ice cream, bringing it to Australian and New Zealand palates for the first time, as a decadent take home delight.”

“We believe we’ve captured the true taste of Baileys in an indulgent adults-only range that celebrates the fun of a night out with a toast to a night in.”

Andrew Morley, Luxury Marketing Manager, Diageo Australia added: “The range will whet the appetite of loyal Baileys consumers and take the social experience people associate with Baileys Original Irish Cream liqueur into the freezers of Australian and New Zealand consumers.”