Australian tech company signs contract with restaurant chain in Brazil

Australian software technology company Skyfii has signed a three-year contract with Habib’s restaurants in Brazil – operating more than 400 venues.

The contract includes the deployment of Skyfii’s IO Connect data collection and IO Insight data analytics services.

Initial deployment will be across 100 Habib’s venues by December 2018, with the balance of contracted venues to be deployed by the end of 2019.

Habib’s specialises in Middle Eastern cuisine and Brazilian sandwiches.

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The venues have extensive reach over 100 cities in Brazil, employing more than 22,000 people.

Skyfii CEO Wayne Arthur said Skyfii is proud to be in partnership with the major restaurant chain as Habib’s looks to generate greater customer insights to improve venue performance.

The contract is being delivered in partnership with Telesul, a strategic partner of Skyfii across Brazil.

Habib’s engaged Skyfii after seeking a solution that would allow for the provision of a seamless guest WiFi experience in addition to collecting visitor data in order to improve the quality of service.

Deploying both Skyfii’s IO connect and IO Insight will provide Habib’s with critical venue management insights such as dwell time, volume of customers, and frequency of customer visits, allowing Habib’s to improve operational efficiency and the overall customer experience.

The cloud-based Skyfii platform uses existing WiFi infrastructure, BLE beacon networks, door-to-people counters, video sources, web and social platforms to allow various types of venues to not only analyse behaviour of anonymous visitors, bit also capture data from those who opt-in to free internet connectivity.

In doing so, it converts the data into a critical sales and marketing tool that allows venues and their commercial tenants to deliver content that is catered to each visitor’s needs and interests.

Skyfii offers a cloud-based solution in a subscription model consisting of three core IO service – data collection, data analytics and marketing tools.