First food industry hackathon brings female food entrepreneurs

A group of young Australian food entrepreneurs, mostly women, are working together at Australia’s first food industry ‘hackathon’.

The event, called #HackFood, is sponsored in part by Simplot Foods, which is launching a ‘food technology incubator’.

#HackFood will focus on seven challenges facing the food industry, working together with mentors to develop potential solutions to be judged by a panel of experts.

Liz Kaelin named as one of Australia’s Top 50 Female Entrepreneurs under 40 by StartUp Daily, said “Australia is a world leader in food production and we’re also quick adopters of new technology. We are in the perfect to use our knowledge of food and passion for technology to create innovations that dramatically change the food industry in the same way as Netflix changed TV and Uber changed transport.”

The winner will be given an opportunity to pitch their idea to a panel of investors, receive $30,000 in seed funding to be involved in the Simplot Food Innovation Program.

Developing new technologies that assist the food industry amidst a digital economy is one way in which Kaelin hopes she can encourage young entrepreneurs to think big and create jobs for the future.