BENEO to invest millions in expanding chicory inulin production

BENEO, a manufacturer of functional ingredients, has announced an expansion for its chicory root fibre production facility in Chile by 2022, funded by an investment of more than $84 million. The news comes following rising demand for BENEO’s chicory root fibres, inulin and oligofructose, as consumer interest in digestive health continues to grow.

Worldwide consumers are paying more attention to their digestive health and are gaining further understanding of the intrinsic link between the gut microbiome and its beneficial effect on the overall well-being. This, in turn, is leading to a rising interest in chicory root fibres from food and drink manufacturers around the globe, creating a high market demand for BENEO’s inulin and oligofructose ingredients.

Eric Neven, Commercial Managing Director at BENEO-Orafti comments: “The market demand for chicory root fibre continues to increase. In order to keep up with this rising interest, we are investing significantly into expanding our production facilities in Pemuco, Chile. With 20% more volume, BENEO can continue to ensure reliable and consistent delivery to our customers.”

As well as expanding production capacity at the Chilean plant, the raw material sourcing will be supported by additional surface (hectares) dedicated to chicory farming in the region. The existing plant already operates using 75% renewable energy. The recent investment will enable BENEO to make yet further strides against its aim to increase the use of renewable energy over the coming years.

Inulin and oligofructose, such as those produced by BENEO, are the only plant-based proven prebiotics according to ISAPP (International Scientific Association for Pro- and Prebiotics). They have been scientifically shown to support a range of functional health benefits, including a balanced gut microbiota and a person’s overall well-being[i]. There is a wealth of scientific evidence available (in excess of 150 high quality studies) and Orafti® Inulin even has an exclusive 13.5 EU health claim for its promotion of digestive health[ii], which is proving successful in various countries. In fact, only recently, industry expert Julian Mellentin highlighted the potential for inulin, naming it a top ingredient for 2020 in the new New Nutrition Business report, “10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition and Health 2020”.

Not only are BENEO’s prebiotic chicory root fibres helping to bridge the fibre gap, they are also being widely used in both food and beverages as they help to reduce fat, sugar and calories. Unlike other fibres, BENEO’s fibres are naturally derived from chicory roots via a gentle hot water extraction method and are natural, clean label and non-GMO. They are highly soluble and have a mild natural taste, allowing manufacturers to reformulate their products while keeping the same taste, body and mouthfeel as the original options.

As digestive wellness continues to trend across the globe and more consumers come to realise the impact it has on their health, this significant production expansion will ensure BENEO is well-placed to maintain efficient delivery of its high quality ingredients throughout the years to come.

Coles release Wellness range of health foods

Coles Wellness Road health food range consists of 28 products including Organic Black Rice Noodles with Chia, Organic Cacao Powder, White Chia Seeds and Australian Almond Flour.

Coles Chief Operating Officer, Greg Davis, said the Wellness Road range was aimed at making healthier options more accessible and affordable for customers who wanted to include better choices in their everyday diet.

“From teenagers, through to those in their 60s and 70s, our customers are telling us that they want to eat less processed foods and cut back on sugar and salt,” he said.

“But customers also don’t want to change their entire diet or pay a huge premium for healthier foods, and they don’t have time to make a special shopping trip for a couple of ingredients.”

All Wellness Road products are a healthier choice than equivalent ‘conventional’ products, free from artificial colours and flavours, made with reduced levels of sugar and salt and free from trans fats.

“What we’ve looked to do with Wellness Road is simply provide our customers with uncomplicated goodness – delicious tasting and nutritionally-balanced products – and importantly, at great value,” said Mr Davis.

An example of this is the Wellness Road Organic Cacao Powder which is available for $10 for 500g – around one-third the price you might find at specialist stores.

Former MasterChef Australia contestant and resident chef for the Sydney Swans, Courtney Roulston, said the range made nutritious, healthier cooking easier while providing more options for easy and delicious meals.

“Great cooking relies on great ingredients, and when you have a range of healthier products that are more readily available and affordable, there’s no excuse that your next meal shouldn’t be delicious and healthier.” she said

Highlights of Fine Food Australia include focus on robotics and health foods

Fine Food Australia has come to an end after a week packed with food trend insights and robotics making a name in the industry.

After catering to thousands at the Melbourne Convention centre, the four-day event came to a close on the 13th of September.

Fine Food Australia event director Minnie Constan said more than 25,000 people attended the four-day expo.

The exact figures will be released in a few weeks when an audit has been completed, she said.

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“It was incredible. There was a buzz around the show floor that I haven’t seen for many years. It’s certainly showing the passion that is in this industry.”

The expo was about innovation, connection and growth, she said. “There was a lot of new innovation.”

“There were a number of very exciting products that will be heading to the market, including electronics and new food,” said Constan.

Hot topics included the use of mobile apps and robotics in the food industry, as well as meatless protein alternatives, she said.

For the first time ever, there was a Cobot at Fine Food Australia, which is a cooperative robot.

The company that showcased the Cobot was Roto Charge, which sells bakery pumps and related equipment that deposit fillings into pastry products.

Food Industry Foresight director Rod Fowler said Roto Charge had doubled the capacity of its standard equipment by adding a robot to its standard systems.

The new generation smart robots are intended to physically interact with humans in a shared workspace.

This makes them different to other robots that are designed to operate autonomously or with limited guidance.

The top ten trends of 2018 were discussed at a Fine Food Australia forum, with the help of Food Industry Foresight, which provides research and analysis into food and beverage markets in Australasia, Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

The trends include operators working smarter – to continue striving in an increasingly tough market – and the reinvention of hamburgers.

Hamburgers maintain their top position as the number one flexible food concept and they continue to transform as consumers look for new flavours.

The Food Industry Foresight found the desire for protein substitutes was rising as people considered the environmental impacts of meat.

Casual dining has grown over the past five years in Australia and the cafes are adapting their coffee products to offer cheaper home and work brewing options.

People are also wanting to know the origins of food when it comes to eating at restaurants, robots are entering the food service industry and food apps are gaining traction.

The Food Industry Foresight noted the number of meal options when eating out are growing.

Eateries are also striving to change the look, opening hours and menus of their establishments to create a more unique experience for patrons.

With innovation hot on everyone’s minds, the variety of products at Fine Food Australia were diverse.

New products included Little Beauties’ sundried kiwifruit slices, Oliver Lane’s gluten-free golden turmeric and cardamom bread, Hemp Foods Australia’s salted caramel crunch bar.


Chinese business to set up food and agriculture investment fund

Beijing-based investment management company Tsing Capital plans to establish a $1 billion fund for specialist food and agriculture investment in Australia.

The Australian reports that the fund will invest in high tech fermentation and extraction of grains, cane and vegetables, with the intention on supplying the market for health foods and dietary supplements in mainland China.

The plan is to invest in the entire supply chain, from paddock to consumer, and therefore will include establishing processing factories in Victoria’s Wimmera region.

As the Weekly Times reports, Tsing Capital founder and managing partner Don Ye (pictured right) and Australian Charles Hunting (left) plan to raise between $500 million to $1 billion in capital, with the possibility of increasing that amount to $2 billion through loans.

According to Hunting, the investment is being driven by Chinese demand.

“We’re not creating the food products for the sake of hopefully getting that food into the Chinese market,” he said.

“The plan is to bring strategic Chinese investors who have distribution networks in China so that we can create an end-to-end opportunity that is demand driven, not supply driven.”

The end products for export to China are likely to include high-protein health supplements, tonics, pills and sports drinks, as well as vitamins and nutraceuticals.

Image: The Australian


Food for Health Goodness Mix

Product Manufacturer Food for Health
Launch date January 2016
Ingredients Seeds (Sunflower, Pepitas), Cranberries, Raw Almonds, Coconut
Shelf Life 12 months
Packaging Convenient 35gm bag
Country of origin Australia
Brand Website
Description The Goodness Mix is a mix of delicious seeds, almonds, coconut and cranberries. Ideal for people looking for a healthier snack option.
Contact Email

Complete Health Products to distribute Pure Good Bars in QLD

Complete Health Products will begin distributing Pure Good Bars’ products to Queensland health food shops, pharmacies and independent groceries from April 1.

The products, made by the Sydney based wholefood snack bar manufacturer, are blended raw fruit and nut bars, suitable for gluten free, vegan and paleo diets.

“We’re looking forward to offering the Pure Good Bars brand, as it’s a raw healthy snack bar. The bars are locally made, well-priced and taste great,” explained Complete Heath Products Founding Director, Kathryn Powell.

“We think the bars are a great addition to the wholefood snack market, offering customers a great value, raw bar alternative.”

According to Pure Good Bars Managing Director Iain Keogh, the products are made from raw fruit and nuts, and blended into a fudgy, smooth snack-sized 40g bar.

“You can literally see the ground cashews, and taste the squashed dates and sultanas,” he said.

All Pure Good Bars are gluten, wheat and dairy free, with no added sugars or syrups. There are five varieties, including a Cacao and Mint Protein Crunch, which contain 18 per cent protein.

Buderim Naked Ginger

Product Name: Buderim Naked Ginger (Uncrystallised) 200g pack

Product Manufacturer: Buderim Ginger

Launch date: November 2015

Ingredients:Ginger, Cane Sugar.

Shelf Life:18 months in unopened bag

Packaging: Resealable stand up pouch

Brand Website:

Describe the product: Buderim Naked Ginger takes on its famous golden hue after being infused in a cane sugar syrup for up to 12 days. Armed only with its velvety, zesty flavour Buderim Naked Ginger is a taste sensation.

For more information: For further information visit