Protecting Critical Data from Destruction

Detectament has released a new batch of tough traceability tags that are both metal detectable and heat shock resistant, ensuring the delivery of reliable data and batch identity systems.

As the batch is processed the tag shows an identity to be linked to the data and to the critical events unique to its processing journey. If that identity is lost or destroyed, the batch cannot be linked to the data.

According to Detectament’s Managing Director James Chrismas, “Customers around the world have asked for detectable tags that will survive in a hot/cold processing environment. Four layers of material are laminated for strength and metal detectability and it can be identified and rejected by standard end of line metal detection systems.”

Alongside resistance to tearing within the food processing environment, the new tags have a traditional shape that loops through a keyhole cut-out.

Detectament also released Permanent Fine Marker Pens which are ideal for writing on the tags and for recording product ID, date/time, batch code and use by dates.

These tags can be supplied in yellow or blue as standard, with other colours available when ordered in sufficient quantities.  Tailor made graphics can also be ordered, and size variations are available to suit customers’ specific needs subject to minimum order quantities.