Heineken to open bar at Sydney Airport

Heineken has announced the next stage of its 2016 marketing plan with the launch of 'Heineken House' at Sydney Airport – Australia's first flagship Heineken bar.

The bar will be located in T1 International Departures and will offer a unique Heineken experience to travellers when it opens for business in mid-2016.

The venue will be part of a new renovation that will transform the food and beverage offering at Sydney Airport T1 International Departures. It will be one of the first venues in Australia to receive some of the latest global innovations from Heineken.

Andrew Campbell, Managing Director, Heineken Lion Australia, said: "We are all about creating premium world class experiences for consumers. With the location of Heineken House, in T1 International Departures at Sydney Airport, we have the perfect venue to send people off on their journey."

The company has successfully opened similar airport bars in cities around the world including Hong Kong, Dubai, Athens and Auckland.

The bar at Sydney Airport is being designed by Australian architect Mike McCann of Dreamtime Australia Design, best known for developing exceptional dining experiences at some of Sydney’s most popular restaurants including Mr Wong, Felix and Grain at The Four Seasons.

The bar will form part of Sydney Airport's new Sydney Boulevard, a new precinct showcasing a collection of 13 premium international brands, opening mid-2016.

Heineken celebrates 20th anniversary of its partnership with The Australian Open

After celebrating the 20th anniversary of its partnership with the Australian Open, Heineken is set to further establish itself as a premium sporting-beer with access to some of the greatest global and local partnerships.

The activation forms part of Heineken’s strategy to ensure drinkers around Melbourne received the best product experience while they enjoy the tennis at partner venues, illustrating a pledge to ensuring Heineken is served in the most premium way.

According to Heineken Brand Manager Dinno Bozzone, Heineken is the largest majority family owned beer brands in the world.

“One of Heineken’s key objectives is to create memorable and legendary experiences for our consumers which we do through associations with worldwide sports like the Rugby World Cup, but also through local partnerships,” Bozzone said.

In an interview with Food Magazine, Bozzone says the Heineken brand has continued to grow as it brings great experiences to consumers attending sporting events.

“Heineken continues to invest to premiumise our packaging and stand out from our competitors. Our packaging is one of our most important touch points to communicate to consumers. Most recently, we have amplified our RWC15 and James Bond 007 Spectre campaigns through a packaging change,” Bozzone said.

The Heineken Lion venture's full-year financial results have been lodged with the corporate regulator and show that sales increased by 2.5 per cent to $67.4 million for the year ended September 30, 2015.

Heineken looks to lift beer drinking experience for Australian Open fans

Heineken has announced it is behind a mystery activation targeted at the Melbourne hospitality industry which has been taking place in the lead-up to and during The Australian Open.

Over the past two weeks, a number of bartenders around Melbourne have been left with some unexpectedly big surprises by a 'mystery shopper' who has roamed the city, handing out outrageous tips to staff who showed an understanding of the importance of serving a Heineken in the right way.

The activation forms part of Heineken's strategy to ensure Heineken drinkers around Melbourne receive the best product experience while they enjoy the tennis at partner venues, illustrating a pledge to ensuring Heineken is served in the most premium way. 

Heineken's mystery shopper, known as the Star Serve Guru, has visited numerous bars, pubs and restaurants around the Melbourne precinct, with dozens of 'tips' given out to deserving staff, including pairs of tickets to top games at The Australian Open, such as the Grand Final.

The 'Star Serve Guru' activation coincides with Heineken's 20th anniversary celebrations of its sponsorship of The Australian Open and its significant brand presence during the tournament. Outside of the Grand Slam Oval where Heineken's core activation is centred, multiple activations are continuing to take place at a number of venues across the city as Melbourne celebrates its annual festival of tennis.

Heineken serves up a treat for its 20th anniversary of its partnership with The Australian Open

World international premium beer brand Heineken is set to mark two decades of a partnership with The Australian open with an impressive Heineken Saturday spectacle.

In seeking to start off the 2016 marketing activity in style, Heineken Saturday features activations taking place across Melbourne in January to mark the annual festival of tennis.

Heineken is also set to provide fans with a popular beer garden which will play host to thousands of fans wishing to enjoy the tennis and soak up the premium beer.

Marketing Manager of Heineken Lion Australia, Alessandro Manunta says there are special activities available for thirsty beer drinkers who are keen to join in the party atmosphere that will sweep the city.

“We want to create amazing, memorable experiences for all consumers, whether they are fans of the tennis or whether they just want to enjoy a refreshing, cold Heineken while soaking up the atmosphere around Melbourne,” Manunta said.

“Heineken has big plans for 2016 and beyond and we’re delighted to launch with a blast to evolve our marketing activity.”

Heineken has a large portfolio of more than 250 international, regional, local and specialty beers and ciders. They employ approximately 81,000 people and operate more than 160 breweries in 70 countries.