Heineken offers drive-thru experience for alcohol-free beer

To celebrate the national launch of the brand’s first alcohol-free beer, Heineken 0.0, the company is giving beer drinkers a unique chance to enjoy ‘one for the road’ without compromising on taste or their ability to drive.

Following the premiere of the new Heineken TV commercial on Father’s Day which is part of the “Now You Can” campaign that is about transforming traditionally non-beer moments into opportunities to enjoy a beer, without the alcohol. Heineken is launching Australia’s first Beer Drive-Thru for consumers to sample the new product.

Heineken will launch the Heineken 0.0 Beer Drive-Thru at 886-896 Princes Highway, Tempe on Wednesday, 11 September to give curious consumers the chance to sample (for free) the merits of the great-tasting, alcohol-free beer.

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Heineken 0.0 grants adults a beer choice appropriate for any time of the day and at more occasions which typically call for a good tasting beverage, but no alcohol, such as during your lunch break, a reward after a hard workout – or even during business meetings.

Heineken® Master Brewers applied their expertise to brew the best possible 0.0 beer using just natural ingredients. The result is a great tasting alcohol-free beer with perfectly balanced flavours, including refreshing fruity notes and a soft malty body.

“Heineken 0.0 launched globally in 2017 and is exceeding expectations in all 51 markets. In Australia, we estimate that the no alcohol beer segment will reach 22ML in 5 years, so it is a huge opportunity. What better way to launch it in market than at Australia’s first Beer Drive-Thru, which is the perfect opportunity to introduce Heineken 0.0 to places it has never been before,” said Damian Dabkowski, Heineken country manager, Australia.

Following the launch in Sydney, Heineken will be taking its Heineken 0.0 ‘One for the Road Bar’ on a tour across Australia. Stay tuned.