Australian Botanical Spirit released with home-grown ingredients

An Australian first has been launched this week with Vantage Australia’s first botanical premium spirit range.

Australia had yet to put out a signature spirit on the map, encouraging Vantage Australia to release a spirit that was reflective of the Aussie outback and drew inspiration from its native flora.

Vantage Australia adds a twist of natural bushfoods to create a blend that blurs the lines between sweet and dry tastes whilst also giving life to old classics.

Both the 700ml bottle and the one litre bottle have Australian inspired artwork, with the latter capturing the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and renowned city landscape.

A 1 litre icon series has been created to foster travel retail/duty free sales whilst creating a unique point of interest to drive domestic market sales.

Vantage Australia: The spirit of a Nation is in keeping with consumer sentiment that appreciates spirits of higher quality in the luxury/super-premium categories, offering an exclusively Australian indulgent experience and a growth category for the trade and will be well supported.