Horse feed manufacturer Hygain announces acquisition of Mitavite

Hygain, a manufacturer of premium horse feed, has reached an agreement to purchase Mitavite ­– a business unit of Inghams Group Limited.

The announcement came on the 22nd of August, after both companies saw an opportunity to strengthen their manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing capacity to better serve the Australian equine industry.

Mitavite manufactures and distributes horse feed from Somersby in New South Wales. Hygain manufactures and distributes from Officer in Victoria.

Hygain managing director Greg Manley said the company was delighted to join forces with the team at Mitavite to better serve this industry that they were all so passionate about.

“Both businesses are widely recognised for the superior quality of their product,” said Manley.

“By bringing together two premium brands with a focus on quality and nutrition, we are strengthening product offerings for horse owners across Australia, New Zealand and Asian markets,” he said.

The equine feed industry is highly fragmented, serving customers that span racing, equestrian, sports and recreation and commercial breeding.

Mitavite is segmented towards products in sports and recreation, while Hygain has historically been more focused on the racing industry with feed and supplements.

Hygain sees opportunities to improve distribution reach and efficiency and further improve product quality and consistency.

“Our mission is to positively impact the health, performance and well-being of horses all around the world,” said Manley.

“The quality of Australian horse feed is second to none.  Both Hygain and Mitavite have pre-existing international distribution networks but will benefit from additional manufacturing and distribution efficiencies to take advantage of growth opportunities both domestically and internationally,” he said.

Both Hygain and Mitavite will continue to manufacture feed and supplements under their respective brands from their existing facilities in Victoria and New South Wales respectively.