Food industry wash-down hose

The Gates Terminator hose can be used in all types of wash-down applications such as meat (abattoirs) and poultry processing plants as well as general food manufacturing facilities. 

The Gates Terminator hose is a tough hose with a rugged cover for high abrasion resistance and extended service life where constant flexing and bending is required.

Gates Terminator hose features:

1.    Safety Yellow Abrasion resistant Nitrile rubber cover – factory workers can see this hose due to the yellow cover whereas other wash down hoses that have a white cover can fade and become hard to see. This is a safety issue.
2.    A working pressure of 501psi
3.    A temperature range of -40C to +100C
4.    Is available in a range of various ID ranging from 6.4mm to 50.8mm
5.    Is available in reels up to 213m depending on the ID size 
6.    Excellent weather and ozone resistance and non-conductive at 1000 volts D.C.