Branding revamp for Timboon

To mark a 21-ear milestone for Victorian ice cream brand, Timboon Fine Ice Cream, has revealed a modernised new look for their take home tubs.
Tim Marwood, third generation farmer and founder of Timboon Fine Ice Cream, explained why the anniversary provoked the upgrade.
“There’s not too many small family rural-based ice cream makers that have been around for 21 years. After some self-reflection around where we’ve come from and where we’re
headed as a brand, we knew it was time for a refresh,” MMarwood said.
Sydney studio Squad Ink were the creatives behind the new designs, which will be rolled out across Timboon’s six premium ice cream flavours.
“We loved what Squid Ink had done for the well known Sydney based Distillery, Archie Rose,” said Marwood. “The agency brought us a number of key cues we were looking to
accentuate; provenance, hard scoop and quality.
“While the old tubs were a fun design they were a little unsophisticated for the quality of our product. The new design is more stylish. We wanted to really focus on our provenance, being farm fresh and deliciously creamy. The gold trim gives the tubs a premium feel, however we’re not elitist or snobbish. There’s a nod to nostalgia and hard scoop with the design (retro cone image).”
Since 1999 Tim Marwood and wife Caroline Simmons have been making their ice cream on their property 7km from Timboon. Fast forward to 2020 and the brand is now distributed to 80+ gourmet stores and IGAs across Victoria, five mobile event vans and two regional concept stores.
The pair are hoping to open a new scoop shop in Geelong and Ballarat and a re looking to expand into SA and NSW and are also talking with a Middle Eastern importer. Until then, locals can get their hands on the new take home tubs at select stockists or visit the Ice Creamery in Timboon.

Global plant-based ice cream new product development doubles in five years

Consumers around the world are going wild for plant-based innovation and ice cream is no exception. According to the latest research from Mintel Global New Product Database (GNPD), vegan ice cream accounts for an increasing proportion of global ice cream launches, making up 7 per cent of all launches in the last 12 months (2019/20), more than double the 3 per cent five years ago (2015/16).

Within the sector, the focus on the textural qualities of plant-based ice cream is increasing; vegan ice creams with a chunky texture such as nuts, cookie pieces, toffee pieces and cookie dough chunks have surged from 2 per cent to 13 per cent of launches over the last four years (2016/17-2019/20). Adapting to this trend is likely to appeal to the 73 per cent of UK ice cream consumers who said that they like ice cream with different textures (eg. crunchy, hard).

Chocolate (accounting for 26 per cent of innovation over the last 12 months), vanilla (11 per cent) and coconut (9 per cent) still remain the most popular in terms of plant-based flavour innovation.

This comes as 12 per cent of UK adults agree that the coronavirus outbreak has made a vegan diet more appealing, almost doubling among under-25s (23 per cent).

“The recent buzz around veganism has made its mark on the ice cream category. Interest in vegan ice cream isn’t restricted to those following a vegan diet,” said Kate Vlietstra, Mintel global food and drink analyst. “Learning from their dairy counterparts, plant-based ice creams are moving beyond the basic flavours to offer indulgent options. Texture is playing a prominent part in vegan new product development (NPD) with chunkier varieties on offer. Brands are demonstrating that vegan offerings can be premium with an array of luxury flavour combinations and packaging.

“The makeup of plant-based ice cream will evolve, incorporating new ingredients from the world of plant milk such as quinoa and other seeds. Oats are expected to feature in more dairy-free ice creams, following on from the popularity of oats in plant-based drinks.”

Big in Japan: Japan scoops up number one position for ice cream NPD
From matcha to mayonnaise and seaweed to soybean, there seems no limit to Japanese ice cream innovation as Mintel reveals that Japan is now the world’s number one global ice cream innovator, commanding the highest share of ice cream launches.

Over the past five years, Japan’s ice cream innovation has gone from strength to strength. In 2015/16 Japan accounted for 7 per cent of launches globally, but since then its innovation has been coming thick and fast and Japan is now (2019/20) responsible for a cool one in ten (10 per cent) product launches, overtaking the US to become the world leader in ice cream innovation. Meanwhile, the US now (2019/20) accounts for 9 per cent of new products launched, slipping back from its number one position.

With a 6 per cent share of global ice cream innovation, Germany is Europe’s number one ice cream innovator and third in terms of global innovation, meanwhile the UK has a 4% share.

“A popular sweet treat among Japanese consumers, ice cream innovation in Japan has surged in recent years following a push to drive year-round consumption,”  Vlietstra. “Quirky flavours and exciting formats are putting Japanese ice cream at the forefront of food innovation, while providing ample inspiration for ice cream launches outside of Japan. The growing popularity of Japanese cuisine paves the way for ice cream brands to utilise traditional Japanese flavours such as hojicha and yuzu. Quirky combinations, unique flavours and unusual ice cream cones are all well-positioned to appeal to consumers globally.

“The postponed Tokyo 2020 Olympics, now due to take place in Summer 2021, offer a global platform on which Japanese-inspired food and drink can shine. Ice cream brands tapping into Japanese flavours are likely to fare well, particularly during the hot summer months.”

High added protein potential
Protein has gained importance with consumers; over the last five years, food and drink launches featuring high/added protein claims have doubled from 2 per cent to 4 per cent of total food and drink. Meanwhile, high/added protein ice cream claims have increased from under 1 per cent of ice creams to over 2 per cent in the last four years (2016/17 – 2019/20). While relatively small in number, the opportunity for ice cream with added protein is highlighted by the fact that around one in six British (16 per cent) consumers would eat more ice cream if it had added protein.

“Ice cream is a treat food; a smaller amount of protein will satisfy the consumer demand for healthier options while allowing brands to explore different protein options. Plant protein from legumes, grain and seeds can offer a high-protein alternative to dairy protein. With sustainability ever the topic of discussion, the ice cream category will need to demonstrate its ethical credentials to continue to win flavour with consumers, and plant proteins can appeal due to their lower carbon footprint than dairy proteins,” said Vlietstra.

RouteOptimiser’s streamlined processes saves time and money

Delivering ice cream in tropical Queensland is not without its challenges. In a climate with an average year-round temperature of 29˚C, ice cream is an in-demand commodity. An efficient and reliable distribution network is key in the delivery of this product.

With more than 1,600 customers – ranging from petrol and convenient stores to supermarkets and leisure centres, covering over 150 postcodes and a fleet of 13 vehicles – SEQ Ice Cream was searching for a new way to map their routes in order to improve efficiency and increase customer-driver face time.

Don Mackaness, Distributor, SEQ Ice Cream, said that much of the business had previously been run manually and was using knowledge rather than system-driven processes.

“We had some staff turnover, and we quickly realised that we lost the ability to retain the knowledge they had about the business, because we were more human process driven than system driven,” he said. “We needed to look at the bigger picture – to look at the whole system and work out how we could become more efficient.”

With this in mind, SEQ Ice Cream approached route optimisation software provider, PTV, to implement a new solution for planning and scheduling.

With PTV on board, the first step was to take 10 months of sales data and model it in RouteOptimiser. “Historically, we would have done this manually by looking at maps. With PTV we managed to analyse all of the data in two days,” said Mackaness.

For SEQ, a priority was to ensure that a majority of the drivers were able to keep the same customers they had before the re-route, while also making the routes more efficient.

“In our brief to PTV, we wanted to keep good relationships with our customers. We were thrilled when we were able to ensure that 80 per cent of our trips kept the same driver even after the re-route – this was a big win for us,” said Mackaness. “One of the major gains in this exercise was for our drivers to stick to their original customers as much as possible.”

Once SEQ got to know the system and its benefits, Mackaness started to recognise the gains in efficiency that could be had.

“Due to the growth of our business, we had some imbalance in our routes. By looking at this data we could start the whole route from scratch.”

This is backed up by SEQ’s logistics manager, Shaun Chandler, who was pleased at how the system allowed him to figure out new routes.

“We have done some re-routing using it,” said Chandler. “This system allows me to see our entire customer base on a map of Brisbane. In doing that, I can easily plot new boundaries and create new territories and new runs because I can see where the customers are.”

“The initial re-route had great results, it worked straight away. Our re-routing exercise kicked off in May last year and we have been fine-tuning it since then,” said Mackaness. “Using smart tools, we created a system that is 90-95 per cent correct. Now we’re looking at the bigger picture and the seasonal data for stage two.”

The first 10-month data analysis is really the first step for SEQ. “We are now at stage two, where we have asked our drivers to report back every day with their knowledge about traffic flow, route efficiency etc. – this will enable us to know exactly what is going on every day,” said Mackaness.

For Mackaness, the solution is two-fold. “We have the smart tools, but also we want the knowledge and information from our drivers, which is what we are continuing to collect.”
Mackaness said that route optimisation is about giving his drivers as much time with the customer as possible. For SEQ, this is the first step in the right direction. “I always knew this isn’t an overnight success, this is only as good as the information you put in,” said Mackaness. “By finishing this initial exercise with PTV, we’re 30-40 per cent there already. The next level of detail is how long we spend with customers and making sure that all our customer data is correct.

“Our drivers have confidence in the system and its abilities and we are looking forward to planning more efficient trips and spending more time with our customers.”

Mackaness is happy with how the optimisation is going so far. The fact that PTV were able to do a full strategic review of SEQ’s operation in a matter of days was invaluable to SEQ and its ability to improve the efficiency and time spent with customers.

“The initial re-route has had great results already, and now we’re fine-tuning and working closely with PTV to optimise our service offerings even further.”

Chandler said that some of that fine-tuning is saving time and money in other ways.
“With all that data, it gives me the kilometres travelled on that route,” said Chandler. “It also gives me a total of the value of their delivery day. It pulls that data in from across our sales program. Not only can I try and even up kilometres that have been travelled and the number of drops, I can also look at the dollar value in the day. It allows me to even that up as well.

“For example, if I compare two runs and they both have 10 deliveries to do that day, that looks even without knowing the dollar value. If you look at the dollar value, one of those routes may equate to $5,000 while the other is $10,000. Obviously, they are doing the same number of drops, but one might be twice as big and they have a lot more to unload per drop. It allows me to see immediately three or four different criteria to even the efficiencies up. Before, we had to do that type of procedure manually.”

Golden North judged Australia’s best ice cream

Golden North has been judged Australia’s best ice cream in an independent customer survey by Canstar Blue.

The nationwide study included more than 1,600 consumers who were each asked to rate ice cream brands based on taste, consistency, value for money, variety, packaging and overall satisfaction.

Golden North was the only brand to receive a five-star rating for taste, consistency and overall satisfaction, clinching the title of Australia’s favourite ice cream tub ahead of a host of major national brands, including Bulla, Cadbury, Peters and Streets.

In order, the top ranking ice creams in Canstar Blue’s 2018 ice cream customer satisfaction survey were Golden North, Aldi, Bulla, Cadbury, Connoisseur, Peters, Sara Lee, Streets, Ben & Jerry’s, Coles, Woolworths.

Golden North Marketing Director Trevor Pomery said the Canstar Blue award is a major honour for the proud South Australian company as its products expand into more outlets nationally.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to be judged Australia’s best ice cream, particularly when you consider some of the brands we were up against,” said Mr Pomery, who added the Canstar Blue award is Golden North’s second major accolade in a matter of weeks after the company was last month named Metcash’s Perishable Supplier of the Year (under $50 million).

In addition to all South Australian and NT supermarkets, selected Golden North products are now available in IGA, Supa IGA and Woolworths stores in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia, plus Drakes Foodmarkets in Queensland.

Established in 1923, the privately owned and operated ice cream manufacturer is based at Laura in South Australia’s upper Mid North where it produces a range of ice cream flavours, including its signature Golden North Honey Ice Cream tubs and Giant Twins ice creams.

Importantly, Golden North’s ice cream is palm oil free and is made using only the freshest milk and cream from local dairy farmers to create its rich and creamy texture.

Union launches Streets ice cream boycott

The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (AMWU) has called for Australians to boycott Streets ice creams this summer, claiming some of its workers are facing huge pay cuts.

Unilver, the maker of the ice creams, has applied to terminate the collective agreement negotiated by workers at its Minto site. According to unions, if successful, this will cut annual pay packets of workers by 46 per cent.

“Today, we are officially declaring a Streets Free Summer. We are calling on every Australian to stand up for fairness. If Streets won’t do what’s right, we won’t take a bite,” said Steve Murphy, AMWU NSW Secretary.

“No Australian worker should be forced to take a 46% pay cut. Streets and Unilever have decided to hit the nuclear option and have given workers no choice. It’s clear now, that the only way to make this global corporation listen is to hit them where it hurts.”

In response, Unilver called on the union to work constructively to secure Streets factory future.

“Our goal is to keep making Streets ice cream products in Australia, but our Minto factory lacks the flexibility needed to run a seasonal business and is too costly to run, making it uncompetitive,” the company said in a statement.

“We cannot continue with the current situation as it’s simply not sustainable.  For example, it’s currently almost 30 per cent cheaper to import a Magnum Classic ice cream made in Europe than to make the same ice cream at Minto, even when you include the 16,000 kilometres of frozen transport.”

Allegro Funds buys Everest Foods

Sydney-based turnaround firm Allegro Funds has purchased Everest Foods, a manufacturer and distributor of premium ice cream, gelato, sorbet and frozen desserts.

Established in 1958 and based in Melbourne, Everest Foods’ brands include NorgenVaaz and Gelateria brands and the Everest gelato brand. The company has a unique platform underpinned by leading agile production capabilities, long-standing customer relationships and national distribution footprint.

Comet Line Consulting advised Everest Foods on the sale of the business.

“We are delighted to have helped the vendor successfully exit Everest Foods and to have found such a strong new owner for the business,” said Ben van der Westhuizen, Director, Comet Line Consulting.

Dairy-free ice cream start-up wins 2017 Telstra New Business Award

Australian coconut milk ice cream start-up, Over The Moo, has taken out the 2017 Telstra New Business Award. The New Business Award is open to young businesses less than three years old and recognises the company’s rapid growth in the competitive retail market.

Founder Alexander Houseman, came up with the idea for the business in 2015 after becoming fed up with the lacklustre dairy free ice creams available at his local supermarket. After developing a unique recipe, Houseman quit his job to move back in with his parents and save for his first batch of production.

“I really felt that I’d created something unique,” said Houseman. “It was a product that delivered comparable taste and texture to traditional dairy and didn’t skimp on indulgence. I knew Over The Moo wasn’t like anything else on the market.”

Two years after launching the product, Houseman has achieved the mainstream success which eludes most food start-ups. He’s penned deals with Woolworths and a range of independent supermarkets and is now ranged in almost 1,000 stores nationally.

This financial year, Over The Moo cracked $1 million in sales and is enjoying a gross profit increase of 515 per cent year to year. They also launched Australia’s first dairy free ice cream truck in March.

Despite this rapid growth, Houseman says the announcement that Over The Moo had been named as a Finalist came as a surprise: “We entered because we were keen to see how we measured up against other businesses. Being tapped as the top new business in the country was totally unexpected,” said Houseman.

Now in their 25th year, the Telstra Business Awards showcase and celebrate the achievements of Australia’s most brilliant small and medium businesses across five categories. The awards aim to promote organisations working to build a heathier and smarter future for the nation.

Unilever buys Aussie ice cream company Weis

Multinational food giant Uniliver has purchased Weis, the 60 year-old Australian maker of the iconic mango and cream ice cream bar.

Weis was founded in 1957 by Les Weis with the original iconic Fruito Bar. Its unique range features a variety of formats including single bar, multi-pack bars, dairy-free sorbet tubs and frozen yogurt tubs. Weis ice creams continue to be made in its factory in Toowoomba, Queensland, using locally sourced, natural and high-quality ingredients.

“We are committed to providing Weis consumers and customers with the same exceptional products with the same high quality natural ingredients and we are pleased to be continuing its manufacturing operation here in Toowoomba. We look forward to welcoming Weis’ strong, dedicated and passionate team to Unilever,” said Clive Stiff, Unilever Australia & New Zealand CEO.

Stiff pointed out that another of Unilever’s ice crean brands, Streets, was created in Australia by Edwin ‘Ted’ Street in the 1920s and that ice cream is strategically important to Unilever Australia.

“Our family made this decision because Unilever demonstrated their understanding of our brand, our products and how important our people and the Toowoomba manufacturing site are in ensuring Weis’ success into the future,” said Weis Managing Director, Julie Weis.

“In addition Unilever’s scale will enable greater market access and growth that will provide opportunities for our extended Weis family of staff, suppliers, customers and of course our wonderful consumers. “

The acquisition is subject to customary closing conditions. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Frosty Boy Australia welcomes Wendy’s franchisees to plant

Frosty Boy Australia has welcomed Wendy’s Milk Bar to its Yatala plant, reaffirming its commitment to helping franchises and businesses within Australia and overseas, grow through menu innovation and product knowledge.

On the eve of Wendy’s launching its limited time Monster Shake range, Frosty Boy hosted around 50 of the network’s franchisees from Queensland and New South Wales to tour the plant, while participating in a session on franchise business growth led by specialist David Harding.

These sessions also encouraged the Wendy’s Support Office team to take over Frosty Boy’s R&D lab for the afternoon to demonstrate how the new Monster Shakes are created, which use Frosty Boy’s soft serve as a base.

Frosty Boy CEO, Dirk Pretorius said that the company has worked with Wendy’s for a number of years and we wanted to show the franchisees, who are the core of their business, how our products are made, while also facilitating a session to inspire them on how they can grow their store’s presence in each community.

“We pride ourselves on our strong relationships with our customers and specifically their franchisees. From the beginning, we work to understand their brand and their market, while providing the perfect product solutions to enhance their menus and to ultimately help them drive their profits,” Pretorius said.

“Frosty Boy encourages all of our customers and their franchisees to visit the plant to gain a thorough understanding of their products. It’s extremely important for someone who is selling a product to understand how it is made and also why their product is so unique.”


Custard tart given frozen twist

Bulla Dairy Foods’ innovation centre has unveiled a new flavour ice cream for summer 2017, Custard Tart.

Building on the success of its adventurous flavour and texture-infused ice cream stick combinations – Fairy Bread, Cookie Crumble and Cookies & Cream – Bulla is proud to be launching Custard Tart. One of Australia’s largest family owned and run dairy brand’s newest creation continues to provide happy consumers with real ice cream, made with fresh milk and cream.

The new Bulla Custard Tart features custard tart flavoured ice cream, dipped in a choc coating and smothered in crunchy biscuit pieces.

This new addition to the range of ice cream sticks will sit in the freezer aisle with its sister flavours Fairy Bread and Cookies & Cream. It will be available in packs of six nationally at selected Coles, Woolworths and independent supermarkets from February 2017.

Gelato – Endless Summer with Gelatissimo

To celebrate Australia’s favourite season, Gelatissimo has released the Endless Summer gelato series.

This campaign enables customers to choose their Aussie persona with exciting new packaging and tantalizing gelato flavours.

Customers can choose from three new gelato flavours:

  • Ride the waves with the Budgie Smuggler – A delicious mango gelato packed with crunchy coconut and white chocolate pieces.
  • Dive in with the Beach Babe – A peachy Bellini meets zingy Mimosa; it’s a summer cocktail in a gelato. Think creamy peach gelato drizzled with blood orange swirl.
  • Head to the beach with the Little Nipper – A childhood classic, peanut butter gelato spread with yummy berry jam.

The new gelato flavours are available in-store until January 31 2017.

Gelista launches new flavours

Premium ice-cream and gelato manufacturer Gelista has released two new flavours in its  570ml consumer jar range, Almond Milk and Coconut with Raspberry Swirl.

The addition of the two new flavours balances and expands the existing range of six to eight flavours; from five dairy and one non-dairy option to five and three respectively.

“Our flavours are always carefully selected and developed”, said Peter Cox, Managing Director of Gelista. “We don’t follow fads or develop gimmick flavours. We research emerging trends in the premium gourmet market and develop flavour profiles that are clean, authentic and exceptional.”

Gelista is well known for taking great care in selecting the best ingredient they can identify. Their mantra is to find ingredients with “Terroir” – a sense of place and provenance that translates into a quality that is distinctive and discernible to taste.

“A lot of work goes into flavour development”, said Cox. “We track trends in London, Milan and New York as we research a development slate. This gives us insights that allow us to match flavours based on the best of what’s locally available or anticipate emerging trends putting us ahead of the game. Then we have internal taste panels evaluate a large number of new flavour formulations. It is only the very best formulations that end up with the Gelista name on them!”

This almond milk product has a sweet and subtle almond flavour that is neutral enough for it to become an accompaniment to gourmet deserts; the new non-dairy substitute for traditional vanilla bean ice-cream and gelati.

The “Coconut with Raspberry Swirl” product builds on the huge success of the plain coconut product included in the range originally launched last year.


The Brooklyn ice cream collection

Connoisseur has partnered with the world famous OddFellows Ice Cream Co. in Brooklyn, New York to create The Brooklyn Collection, a new range designed to take people on a journey throughout four iconic Brooklyn neighbourhoods.

Billed as one of the most progressive culinary experts in America, former pastry chef Sam Mason is one of the creative brains behind the OddFellows outfit. Mason received a host of accolades during his time at past roles including WD-50 and Pierre Herme, and has been praised by one of the world’s best chefs, Rene Redzepi for challenging the norms.

Mason says that ice cream is serious, and the team’s latest creations with Connoisseur seriously reflect the city they call home. Sam Mason will be available this Friday for interviews as he touches down in Melbourne to chat about his latest scoop.

Take take a trip to Coney Island with Golden Syrup with a Butter Swirl & Corn Nuts, visit trendy Williamsburg with Matcha Green Tea & White Chocolate Waffle Cone, explore Bed-Stuy with Peanut Butter & Pretzel with Sweet Cream or indulge in a Flatbush icon with Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Custard.

Known for its amusement parks and famous boardwalk, Coney Island re-ignites nostalgia. Taking inspiration from weekends spent at the fair with strong smell of freshly popped popcorn, this flavour combines golden syrup ice cream with crunchy corn nuts and a buttery swirl.

We go back to the neighbourhood which plays home to OddFellows Ice Cream Co. and the centre of the hipster universe, Williamsburg. Here you’ll discover the latest food trend or sip on the hottest cocktail in town. Such a creative locale would appreciate the combination of matcha green tea ice cream filled with crunchy white chocolate-coated waffle cone pieces.

The Flatbush, is inspired by Ebinger’s Bakery famous for its Blackout Cake. The Blackout Cake was a chocolate layer cake filled and frosted with dark fudge and chocolate cake crumbs. Chocolate ice cream, chewy chocolate brownie pieces and swirled rich chocolate custard come together to create a decadent throw-back to this uniquely New York cake.

Bedford-Stuyvesant is one of the most historically and culturally significant suburbs of Brooklyn. The Bed-Stuy flavour is inspired by the bodega, the corner store synonymous with the neighbourhood. The place to get your fix of all things salty and sweet. In homage to the bodega, salty peanut butter swirl and choc-coated pretzels are combined with sweet cream vanilla ice cream.

New Yorker Sam Mason who has elevated the humble ice-cream, adds: “I’ve always thought outside the box, and that’s something that really translates to frozen dessert.”

Introducing the Golden Gaytime burger

Yes, you read that right – the Golden Gaytime burger will make its debut at an event in Sydney’s North West this weekend.

As reports, if you want to taste this almost unbelievable combination of ice cream, caramel sauce, and sweet brioche bun, you will have to be at The Park Feast at Bella Vista Farm, this Saturday and Sunday only. This will be a one-off special culinary experience.

The Dessert truck Kayter con is behind the innovative burger.

It follows on other unexpected Golden Gaytime creations that we have seen of late, such as the Gaynetto, a doughnut from Doughnut Time; and the Golden Gaytime shake.



Frosty Boy partners with Brisbane’s The Doughnut Bar

Dessert and beverage base manufacturer, Frosty Boy Australia has joined with homemade baked goods crew, The Doughnut Bar to produce a soft serve solution to complement the company’s ‘Conuts’ range.

The Conuts, which are a hand rolled cronut pastry cone, filled with soft serve gelato, have become one of The Doughnut Bar’s biggest sellers.

The Brisbane business’ owner, Leigh Devlin said he approached Frosty Boy when they were looking to partner with a local company to enhance the products served at the heavy-foot-traffic locations of Queen Street Mall, Brisbane City and Eat Street Markets, in Hamilton.

“We were glad to learn that the iconic and globally recognised Frosty Boy was located in South East Queensland,” Mr Devlin said.

“We set out to provide our customers with a soft serve product that better resembled a ‘soft gelato’. It was essential that we partnered with a soft serve manufacturer who could offer an irresistibly creamy product that would retain its shape in a hot Queensland climate.”

The Doughnut Bar blends Frosty Boy’s customised and locally produced soft serve base with premium flavour pastes, creating a deliciously smooth, glossy and creamy gelato.

“Our soft serve gelato has taken over as the number one trending product on the company’s social media platforms,” Mr Devlin said.

“Needless to say it is a big hit with an increasingly discerning market. We are selling large volumes of the product and are proud that it is made locally.”

Mr Devlin said he was impressed with how Frosty Boy listened to their business’ specific needs to tailor the product.

“We provided Frosty Boy with a brief and were impressed when they came back with a fully customised solution for our requirements,” he said.

“Frosty Boy’s expertise has been an important aspect of our success. Their sales support is second to none and we are treated as a partner rather than as a customer.”

Frosty Boy’s General Manager Sales and Marketing Felipe Demartini said helping a fellow Queensland business to enhance its products, was incredibly satisfying.

“We share a number of synergies with The Doughnut Bar; they are passionate about their product and are very focused on the quality they deliver their customers. This is very much the ethos of our company,” he said.

“We look forward to seeing how The Doughnut Bar grows and delivers its delicious baked goods to new locations. We are very grateful that they have invited us to join them on the journey.”

Frosty Boy joins with UQ Business School to up-skill its leaders

Dessert and beverage base manufacturer, Frosty Boy Australia continues to invest in its people, most recently up-skilling its team through an exclusively designed eight-month leadership program.

The company partnered with The University of Queensland’s Business School Executive Education to deliver eight modules across the subjects of leading people and teams, decision-making, sales, influencing people and finance.

Frosty Boy CEO Dirk Pretorius said the course was an exceptional opportunity for team members to expand their skills, while benefitting the day-to-day running of the company.

“We were pleased to work with UQ on this course, with each module conveniently delivered onsite by the school’s facilitators,” Pretorius said.

“Providing these courses are important in maintaining our streamlined processes which have helped Frosty Boy stand out as one of the most trusted manufacturers in the world.

“We decided to this time focus on our middle and senior management teams to ensure they can be the best leaders, which positively influences the business across all levels and departments.

“Other courses in the past have included Certificates 3 and 4 for production staff, Workplace Health and Safety, First Aid, with various other one day seminars.”

Course results are currently being finalised, however, Pretorius was pleased by the participants’ efforts.

“They made excellent students and I’m sure their results will reflect their dedication to the course and their ongoing commitment to our company,” he said.

“Investing in our people is one of the best things we can do and we look forward to taking part in future beneficial courses such as this leadership program.

“I’d like to thank the team members who participated and UQ Business School. It was an incredibly streamlined process and we were grateful to be involved.”

New ice cream treats from Bulla

Bulla Dairy Foods is celebrating summer this year with an tasty selection of ice cream varieties for the whole family.

The company is bringing an authentic twist with the launch of four brand new varieties as part of its commitment to bringing fun to the freezer and celebrating an Australian summer.

The new products include:

  • Choc Bar Jelly Top – a nod to the classic Australian flavour combination of raspberry jelly and ice cream, covered in a delicious milk choc coating.
  • Jelly Splits – which combine a traditional zingy raspberry jelly covered in a refreshing icy lemonade shell.
  • The Frozen Greek Style Yoghurt range, available in cones, mini sticks and tub flavours, combine a smooth and creamy texture with the distinctive tanginess of Greek yoghurt, creating an indulgent refreshing treat, perfect for balmy summer evenings.
  • Creamy Classics Choc Hazelnut Spread – which captures the flavour combination of the moment in a deliciously decadent choc hazelnut flavoured ice cream

Around the world in eight flavours

The master gelato makers at Gelatissimo continue their epic journey Around the World in August, introducing four all new and exciting flavours as inspired from across the globe.

Start with a walk on the wild side with Cape Town Choco Coco.  The bold fusion of chocolate and coconut in this creamy gelato is inspired by a South African favourite, deliciously crunchy Romany Coco Biscuits.

Next, experience the sophistication and romance of a French Kiss. The tantalizing crepe flavour melt-in-the-mouth gelato is paired with a refreshing orange citrus swirl. Think classic Crepes Suzette, and you will instantly be transported to a café on the Seine River.

Hopping across the Channel into the rich and comforting Gelato Royale – Gelatissimo’s take on the English classic, bread and butter pudding. The humble pudding has been transformed into a distinctive creamy vanilla custard gelato, folded with soft morsels of caramel soaked brioche and bursts of sweet sultanas, truly an indulgence fit for a Queen.

Wrap up your Gelatissimo journey Around the World with a bang with Viva Brasilia. Inspired by Rio, the passionfruit and sweet honey swirl gelato combination has a definite Latino flamboyancy yet also a beautiful and delicate floral accent.

Streets Disney Finding Dory

Fans of the  Disney Pixar movie, Finding Dory, will be excited to find the new Streets Disney Finding Dory making waves in ice cream freezers around Australia.

Streets Ice Cream has launched this delicious frozen treat to celebrate Dory, the friendly-but-forgetful blue tang fish, starring in her very own animated sequel after stealing the hearts of movie-goers in Finding Nemo.

Streets Disney Finding Dory is a vanilla and bubble-gum flavoured treat, made with wholesome dairy milk, and free from artificial flavours.

Finding Dory has made a huge splash at the box office with revenues of $136.2 million in its opening weekend, making it the highest-grossing animated debut of all time1.

After the success of the Streets Olaf the Snowman ice cream last year in conjunction with the movie FROZEN, Streets believed another Disney collaboration would help drive consumers into convenience stores.

Knowing the hype that has been surrounding the release of the sequel to Finding Nemo, Streets is excited to add the Finding Dory frozen treat to its diverse product range.