NSW government provides relief to indie brewers

NSW Deputy Premier and Minister for Regional NSW, John Barilaro, announced welcome support NSW independent brewers by providing financial assistance to the Independent Brewers Association (IBA) to implement a range of measures that aim to pave the way for recovery.

Barilaro revealed $135,000 would contribute to the cost of memberships for the 120 independent breweries in NSW for a year and $60,000 would go to a partnership associated with the IBA’s annual conference, BrewCon being held in November. These contributions ensure the industry body can continue to provide valuable assistance and resources for members during their recovery from the Coronavirus crisis.

The Independent Brewers Association represents over 600 small and medium business in every state and territory across Australia with a majority of members located in regional areas. We directly employ over 3,000 people and support the employment of more than 25,000 in related industries of agriculture, logistics, hospitality, manufacturing and services.

“Our region depends on tourism, so we’ve been struggling to hang on, especially after the fires and then Coronavirus. This support will allow us to keep staff onboard and focus on getting new beers ready for our local community and the next tourist season.” explains Jacob Newman from Eden Brewery.

The support follows on from the NSW Independent Brewers Action Plan launched by the Deputy Premier late last year which contained a broad range of initiatives to support growth in the sector. This new funding recognises that the industry has been devastated by the Coronavirus pandemic and that NSW breweries will struggle to recover without assistance.

“We’d like to thank Deputy Premier John Barilaro for being a champion of the independent brewing industry, his support has been essential in delivering policy and regulatory changes that will have long-term benefits for every NSW brewery. This strong partnership with the NSW Government is crucial for the health of our industry and it is the first step toward recovery for NSW breweries and their employees”, said Peter Philip, IBA Chair and founder of Wayward Brewing Company.

“Our industry has been doing it tough, especially small breweries based in regional areas that rely so heavily on tourism and taprooms for survival. A large percentage have lost nearly all their revenue since the pandemic started. This support will go a long way to alleviating some of the immediate pressures being faced these small, family owned and operated businesses.” explains Philip.

Furthermore, the NSW Government is lending its voice and asking the Federal Government to provide tailored responses for our industry, including modifying the small brewer excise refund scheme and developing a national strategy for the independent beer industry.