New stainless steel washdown system from Reel Tech

Reel Tech, exclusive Hannay partner in Australia and New Zealand, has launched a new stainless steel washdown system for food, beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical plants.

The system includes a stainless steel hose reel, food grade hose, and water-saving washdown gun.

Whilst loose hoses are becoming more noticeably a tripping hazard which could lead to serious injury or worse, buying a hose reel washdown system that is high quality, continually reliable and easy to service whilst meeting stringent hygiene specifications and fitting within budget can be complex.

Stainless steel spring rewind hose reels are the most commonly employed hose reels for washdown in food, beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical manufacturing plants.

With a Reel Tech stainless steel washdown system you are assured of the most hygienic, corrosion-resistant, easy-to-clean and easy-to-maintain spring rewind washdown system.

Reel Tech’s washdown guns have been accredited with the Smart Approved WaterMark in Australia, saving costs associated with water usage.

Reel Tech also offers full customised washdown systems with a wide range of water-saving washdown guns, and hose lengths and sizes.

An additional benefit of the Reel Tech washdown system, is that a Safe-R-Reel™ speed control rewind system can be easily retrofitted to the spring rewind reel.

The patented Safe-R-Reel™ reduces hose rewind speed, which helps to prevent damage to employees and equipment.

Their booklet, “10 facts of hose reel safety”, is an industry guide that supports awareness of the risks and hazards associated with hose reels, including rewind speed.