Laid-to-order free range eggs

CM Murphy is barely keeping up with orders for his seriously free-range eggs. With his unique, self-designed free-range production platform, he has chefs and restauranteurs paying attention.

Three years into his free-range egg business, Murphy’s Rock Chic Eggs has won some praise in industry circles and amongst consumers alike for their taste, quality & freshness.

 “Back in the mid-90s, not too many people took notice or questioned free-range, sustainable farming or where their eggs, meat or otherwise came from. When I re-entered the poultry business back in 2012, I created my own system that we call seriously free-range,” said Murphy.

“I found that I could not find any certifying bodies that fulfilled the needs of the hens, so I created my own system. Free-range hen numbers should be determined by inspection where the hen’s welfare is number one; being inspected and approved on its merits based on whether it’s a movable fan, rain fall, soil types and pasture management procedures”.

The “laid-to-order” Rock Chic Eggs are packed in the paddock and delivered at a consistent room temperature almost straight away. Customers receive the eggs a mere 12 to 48 hours after the eggs are laid in a true paddock-to-plate delivery schedule.