South Pacific Jam Company launches exotic jam range

South Pacific Jam Company (SPJC) has launched an exotic fruit sourced from Australian growers.

SPJC has produced a range of high-end jams, rich in both flavour and goodness.

Founder Catherine Stace said it is quality in a jar.

“Australia has an abundance of tree fruits but culturally we’ve been stuck in a loop of runner fruits. Until now, we have overlooked stunning flavour profiles such as banana.

“We want children to grow up loving jam without any downsides and for households to get creative with distinctly Australian flavours,” said Stace.

Using popular home-grown fruits, the banana jam, mango & ginger jam and guava & pineapple jam are made with crafted blends of Australian unrefined raw sugar, coconut oil and coconut sugar creating a rich, caramelised coconut setting.

All fruits are identifiable to Australian farms and contribute to zero wastage for farmers.

The brand ethos speaks to the growing number of people seeking quality pairings for artisan breads and pastries and consumers who value taste, quality and identifiable ingredients over price.

This consumer drive has seen significant growth in sales of premium nut spreads.

The range will be stocked next to premium spreads in quality retail health and grocery stores and in a select number of food service venues.

“Consumers are in for a culinary surprise. It’s the taste of spontaneous joy for good reason,” said Stace.

The SPJC product range aims to be an attractive proposition to the food service sector who have, or are considering, a bespoke, curated retail offering for products they use.

“It’s smart business practice to look at ways to invigorate the breakfast trade and provide a fast, profitable turn-around on service without having to crack open an egg and turn on the cooktop,” said Stace.

“In a tough and competitive industry, the food service sector is repurposing their space into bespoke retail offerings, selling curated products that yield a healthy margin and espouse the values and aspirational lifestyle of their customers,” she said.

The range is manufactured in Australia and comes in 1.3L commercial tubs and 300ml, 250ml and 40ml jars available retail and food service.

RRP is $12.70 (250ml) per jar and $16 (300ml) providing 420grams – 16 serves per 300ml jar.

SPJC will be stocked in retail grocery and health stores and food service venues.