Sweet Aussie favourite makes a comeback

After more than a decade away from our shelves, by popular demand ALLEN’S Jelly Tots are making a comeback.

ALLEN’S Jelly Tots –– last sold in Australia in 2004 – have been re-launched and revamped, this time with no artificial colours and with portion advice on packs.

The new ALLEN’S Jelly Tots are fun and juicy mini fruit-flavoured jellies, and the all new Tangy Tots are juicy fruit-flavoured jellies, with a tangy coating on the outside.

The packs have been re-designed to feature the names of real ingredients rather than confusing numbers, as well as digital QR codes that link to more in-depth nutritional information. They join the ALLEN’S 100 per cent no artificial colours range of family favourites. 

The move is part of Nestlé’s efforts to help Australians better manage their energy intake and understand the ingredients in their food.

Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist, Nicole Senior, said redeveloping the full range of ALLEN’S confectionery with no artificial colours and clean labelling was welcome news.

“Parents are looking for more natural ingredients and they are looking for labels that they can understand,” Ms Senior said.

Ms Senior said balance and moderation were key for a healthy lifestyle, and having portion guidance on pack was a helpful tool for parents.

“Treats are OK, in moderation. It’s important to understand portions, so that you can make good decisions when it comes to the foods you eat,” she explained.

Nestlé General Manager – Confectionery, Martin Brown said the changes to the ALLEN’S range were all part of Nestlé’s ongoing initiatives to help people improve their nutrition, health and wellness. 

“At the end of last year, ALLEN’S moved to 100 per cent no artificial colours across its entire range, to give our consumers certainty that any and all of their lolly favourites include only naturally-derived colours,” Mr Brown said.