Why batching is crucial when it comes to brewing

The art of brewing a fine beer demands time and patience. Equally important, selecting the right processing equipment will ensure that the taste is always as expected.

Although the craft beer market in Australia is still new, the beer brewing industry is expanding rapidly across the country. As reported by The Independent Brewers Association, local brewers are a small but increasingly significant part of the $6.5 billion Australian retail beer market, not to mention that the number of smalls breweries in Australia has remarkably increased in recent years, with a new brewery opening every 6 days. According to Craft Beer Reviewer, a body that provides data about craft beer breweries in Australia, there are more than 690 craft beer breweries in the country; and just since 2017, the Australian beer market has seen the launch of 230 new breweries nationwide. New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland are the biggest contributors with a total number of 494 craft beer breweries shared among them.

For microbreweries who pride themselves with producing unique and personalised flavours of beer, any slight change made to production process whether it is the ingredients used or the cooking time, could have unfortunate consequences for a particular and distinguished taste. To ensure that the taste is always as desired, it is critical to have the right equipment to accurately measure and batch the correct amount of ingredients with perfection.

JSG Industrial Systems has introduced into the Australian beer brewing market the Flomec G2 Stainless Steel Flowmeter. A cost-effective yet reliable fluid meter designed to suit a variety of brewery installations. Breweries report that using the Flomec G2 meter improves the quality of beer by making each batch consistent and highly controlled, which is considered one of the most critical procedures during the brewing process.

This reliable flow meter is highly accurate with an inbuilt display unit that does not require power to operate, which simplifies the production process greatly and enables seamless operation. The Flomec G2 is suitable for a variety of batching applications as it is available in different sizes to suit various process lines. The reasons to why this accurate and reliable meter is finding a perfect fit in breweries across Australia are due to the fact that it is quite a cost-effective solution suitable for any type of brewery, offers excellent fluid compatibility in the brewing process, and it’s easily removed, cleaned and maintained.

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