John West receives global sustainability award

John West Australia has been awarded the Best Engagement Campaign at the Ethical Corporation’s Responsible Business Awards in London, a first by an Australian organisation.

Earlier this year, alongside the WWF-Australia (WWF) and the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), a world leading brand commitment was made, to help end unsustainable fishing methods within the canned tuna industry in Australia, thanks to Pacifical, supplied by the world’s largest sustainable tuna purse seine fishery, controlled by the PNA (Parties to the Nauru Agreement).

The alliance with WWF, MSC and Pacifical is the result of years of the entities working together to find a way to overhaul John West’s supply standards within Australia, moving towards a more sustainable future for the world’s oceans.

By engaging consumers with a captivating social and environmental message, and promoting pro- social behaviour through traditional and new media channels, John West Australia surpassed its competitors to win the prestigious accolade.

“We’re extremely proud to be the first Australian brand to win this international award, being recognised on a global scale is instrumental in making real change. We’ve worked closely with our partners over the past 4 years to make this category shift – it’s timely momentum as we move into the next phase in leading the industry,” said John West Marketer, Stephanie Dore-Smith.


John West introduces tuna range and new ambassador

Australian tuna brand John West has appointed a chef ambassador to launch its new ‘Fiery’ tuna range.

Despite his imposing, gruff build and a more casual demeanour than most chefs, the new talent (pictured) is no stranger to international flavours, and has been part of the John West family for years now.

“We wanted someone who really embodied John West’s values, is passionate about quality seafood and a lover of flavour. Although the search was long and rigorous, we had to be sure the ambassador representing this exciting innovation in tuna flavour was right, and it seems the answer was in front of us the entire time,” explained Katie Saunders, General Manager – Shelf Grocery.

The new range brings together spice and flavour to challenge hot food lovers. With Tangy Jalapeno, Smokey Chipotle, Red Hot Sriracha and Inferno, all varying in heat, the new flavours are set to complement the more classic snack or dish.

Earlier this year, John West solidified one of the most remarkable sustainability movements in history; overhauling their supply chain to become MSC certified, the world’s best standard in sustainability.

Each can of the four flavours will be marked with a blue, MSC eco-label, signifying the tuna was caught using sustainable methods and is traceable from the oceans it was caught in, to the can on supermarket shelves.

John West announces seafood sustainability initiative with Pacific Tuna

A brand commitment between John West Australia, WWF-Australia and the Marine Stewardship Council has been formed to help end unsustainable fishing methods within the Australian canned tuna industry.

The Pacifical alliance is the result of years of the entities working together to find a way to overhaul John West's supply standards within Australia, moving towards a more sustainable future for the world's oceans.

According to WWF Australia CEO Dermot O'Gorman, the alliance will now oversee 100 million cans of clearly labelled Pafical MSC certified sustainably sourced tuna in supermarkets.

"The magnitude of this -affecting a huge 43 per cent of Australia's canned tuna -makes this a world first. Sustainability in Australia has just taken a mighty step forward thanks to the leadership of John West Australia, O'Gorman said.

8 Pacific Island nations are united within the Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) and are world leaders in tuna conservation and management with many global firsts such as high seas closures to fishing, observers on 100 per cent of pure seine fishing vessels and fishing day restrictions.

Population of fish species utilised by humans have fallen by half, however Australia's leading tuna brand is confident its position will aid in bringing awarness to the issue on a global scale.


John West create fishy app

John West seafood brand has created a new online tool called Trace Your Fish that allows consumers to trace where their John West seafood comes from.

John west recognises that there is ambiguity around sustainable standards, which was what drove the seafood brand to create a new online tool called Trace Your Fish which allows consumers to trave where their John West fish comes from.

“Trace Your Fish is part of our commitment to ensuring that John West tuna and salmon are responsibly sourced and allows consumers to follow the journey from the waters their fish was caught to the cannery it was processes in,” said Simplot General Manager of Shelf Grocery, Katie Saunders.

Entering a unique code found on the John West code will allow you to find the information about you product.