EtherCAT is for everyone: SMC Partners with the EtherCAT seminar series

SMC Corporation ANZ is a partner to this year’s EtherCAT Seminar Series which takes place on 11, 13 and 14 February in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.

The EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) is an association in which key user companies from various industries and leading automation suppliers join forces to support, promote and advance the EtherCAT technology. With over 5,650 members from 66 countries, the EtherCAT Technology Group has become the largest fieldbus organization in the world. Founded in November 2003, it is also the fastest growing association of its kind.

Jozef Ceh, digital transformation leader for SMC Corporation ANZ says that supporting events such as this is vital to the industry. “SMC has developed various EtherCAT compatible fieldbus systems over the years and this remains a prominent communication protocol in the industry. These EtherCAT specific events allow users to connect, tackle common automation issues and address the future of this Ethernet-based fieldbus systems”.

Ceh recognises the importance of education to further drive productivity and efficiencies. “Understanding EtherCAT’s full capabilities and limitations allows users to get the most out of their applications