New controls for Kiaro printers

Kiaro! External Pause Control module allows a Kiaro! or Kiaro! D label printer to be controlled via a simple pause/go pulse from a host label applicator system that can be mated with the printer by a system integrator.

The module allows the end user to download a batch of labels and print/eject one label at a time using a button on the module.

This pre-programmed module eliminates the need to read and understand the commands that are sent to the printer, or the need to program the controller to send those commands at the right time and in the right sequence.

The Kiaro! External Pause Control module can be configured to print a single label at a time, or multiple labels or the entire print job.

The unit operates in “Standard” printing mode by default, where the Kiaro! automatically manages print head cleaning and maintenance between print cycles.