Nestle Japan offers the ‘golden ticket’ of chocolate with luxury Kit Kats on sale for $23 per stick

A new golden Kit Kat bar has been released by Nestle in Japan this month to appeal to rich chocolate lovers.

500 single bars will be made and sold only in Japan at 2,016 yen ($23) per finger. Nestle Japan has produced more than 200 flavours –ranging from strawberry to green tea and wasabi –since introducing the chocolate in 1973.

Nestlé’s limited edition gold Kit Kat has been described as having a rich, bitter chocolate taste –the product will go on sale at chocolate boutiques in eight chocolate boutiques in eight department stores, from Tokyo to Sapporo in the north, and Fukukoa in southern Japan.

According to Nestle Japan spokesperson Melanie Kohli, Japan is a unique market in which a golden Kit Kat can be made a luxury product.

“In Japanese convenience stores, consumers are used to having new varieties all the time. It’s a special occasion, to celebrate the end of the year,” Kohli said.

Since Japan has a culture of bringing regional gifts back for family and work colleagues after trips away, Kohli believed that it was the only countries that linked its regional culture to chocolate.