Collaboration allows Rok Kombucha to hit independent grocery market in Australia

Rok Kombucha has teamed up with distributor Monde Nissin Australia to get its products on independent grocery shelves in Australia.

Monde Nissin is responsible for the distribution of food and beverage brands such as Nudie, Wattle Valley, Black Swan and Peckish.

The new partnership, established in August 2018, gives retailers in Monde Nissin’s distribution network an opportunity to supply customers with rok’s organic and authentic range of kombucha.

Rok Kombucha co-founder and managing director Amanda Carroll said securing a quality, national, chilled distributor such as Monde Nissan Australia gave the company the opportunity to access the kombucha segment within the independent grocery market.

“Monde Nissin Australia is widely regarded as the best distributor in the country for independent grocery and have extensive experience bringing premium products to the market, like Nudie Juice, the premium juice offering in Australia,” said Carroll.

“Through Monde Nissin’s network, we hope this is where rok will soon sit in the kombucha category,” she said.

Bolstering this new relationship is rok Kombucha’s recognition as Business of the Year at the 2018 Telstra Margaret River Region Business Awards.

The company also won in the Small and Sensational award category.

“We are proud to be a West Australian regional business,” said Carroll.

Rok Kombucha is produced in the Margaret River region by former AFL footballer and award-winning winemaker, Trent Carroll.

Carroll’s goal is to bring Australia an authentic, premium, probiotic kombucha made from a blend of quality white and green tea and flavoured with raw, cold pressed juices.

Rok drinks are free from extracts, lab-created natural flavours and sweeteners.

New niche beverage category expands quickly

In mainstream grocery, strong sales performance is critical to hit hurdle rates and avoid deletion. In less than one year since launching in Woolworths, Mojo Crafted kombucha has achieved this, according to the company. Woolworths has also doubled the product range  with new flavours Passionfruit and Turmeric.

Mainstream grocery is not the only retailer expanding probiotic beverages for customers.  Independent grocery is also cashing in on the market in Australia, at a retail level pushing around $70 to $80 million a year.

Metcash Convenience recently selected Mojo Classic as the first kombucha nationally available through the independent network. IGA, Foodland, Super IGA, The Friendly Grocer and Foodworks stores will offer 13 Mojo kombucha flavours under the Classic and Mojo Crafted ranges, all in 330ml bottles.

The product is a fermented, sparkling tea containing active enzymes, organic acids and proven probiotics. According to the company, the certified organic, vegan friendly and gluten free beverage offers a range of health benefits, including gut health, vitamin B12 and immune support.

“Launching our full range of flavours in more channels means consumers win and we do too,” said Andrew Buttery, business development manager for Mojo Crafted.

“It’s a huge investment in refrigerated space in independent stores with a traditionally smaller footprint.”