Pioneer expands Victorian operations

An Australian food and beverage exporter is set to expand in Victoria, with Lawand Trade opening a new facility.

Lawand Trade has been instrumental in increasing the export of processed food products into the Middle East, exporting more than 200 brands including Heinz, Cadbury Schweppes, and Carman’s Muesli to supermarket shelves throughout the Middle East and East Asia.

Lawand Trade was established in Sydney in 1991, but moved its head office to Melbourne in 2017. The new facility will be the second Melbourne warehouse for the company and will support the business as it expands into the south-east and north-east Asian market.

The Labor Government has a target to grow global food and fibre exports to $20 billion by 2030, and is creating new ways for Victoria’s food and fibre industries to deliver premium products to international markets through the Growing Food and Fibre Markets program.

Agriculture Victoria is working with industry and other stakeholders to strengthen Victoria’s biosecurity and food safety capability, with a focus on traceability and product assurance and integrity systems.

Victoria will also host the inaugural Global Table this September, a four-day agri-food business event for the Asia-Pacific region that is positioned to become Australia’s flagship food industry event