Pet food & large packages leak / seal tester

SealTick TSE 6089L is an on-demand leak testing unit for pet food and pet care products specifically in large size packages up to 22Kg. 

The Sealtick TSE 6089L is already in use around the world for testing a wide range of food products, and the operation of 6089L is fast, simple and safe. A quantitative result is written into the internal log.  

Logs can be retrieved by connecting via USB, or optional Ethernet, for quality traceability. Different products can be selected on the controller and tested using a product specific test procedure. 

The key benefit of using SealTick leak testers is that they do not stress or inflate the tested package, is a dry and non-destructive solution to cope with a wide range of shapes and sizes of finished goods. 

User requires minimum training to operate this package leak tester. The instrument is switched on only to be connected to air and power, and it is ready to test when the lid is opened. 

Place a package in, close the lid to initiate the test, and within as short as 20 seconds the test is finished and a pass or fail indicator will be lit up to tell the user if there is any leakage on the tested packaging.

The stainless steel construction also makes it ideal for use in a food production environment.