Harvesting the macadamia boom in Bundaberg

The macadamia is finally getting its moment in the sun. Australian macadamia growers have been experiencing bumper crops in recent years, with annual production quantities reaching more than 50,000 tonnes in 2021, according to the Australian Macadamia Society.1  Read more

Australian nut innovators meet world-first innovation challenge

To inspire food manufacturers globally and encourage key decision makers to incorporate more macadamias into their innovation pipelines, The Australian Macadamia Industry Marketing Program has created a world-first platform to drive innovation and new demand for macadamias.

Years of research demonstrates consumers’ overwhelmingly positive and emotional responses to Australian macadamias, and that adding macadamias elevates a food product and makes it more premium.

The Australian Macadamias Innovation Challenge attracted pioneers in new product development, ranging from students to professionals in fields including food technology and innovation. Each submitted creative concepts for a new packaged food product highlighting macadamias within three key categories – bakery, snack and snack mixes, and ice cream, and within two cuisine profiles – Asian or Western.

Australian Macadamias’ market development manager Lynne Ziehlke said the Innovation Challenge is all about driving new demand for macadamias amid increasing global supply.

“We know that global production is increasing and that consumers want to see more products with macadamias. This challenge is about inspiring food manufacturers across the world to take advantage of these opportunities,” said Ziehlke.

“Australia is leading the charge; our industry is really proactive and innovative in this space. We’re driving demand and the innovation agenda to benefit both the Australian and global macadamia industry.

“It’s exciting that the Innovation Challenge final has taken place in Australia’s largest macadamia growing region, and we were honoured to have a selection of growers taking time out from their busy harvest preparations to attend.”

Adeline Wong, a professional entrant who created Macadamia Mind Food Bars, and student Kinga Wojciechowski who created Miso Caramel Cookies, each won a trip to SIAL Paris 2018, the world’s largest food exhibition.. The team behind Macci Ice Cream, Ashna Gobin and Leonardo Bohorquez, won a $5,000 cash prize.

Wong, Gobin, Bohorquez and Wojciechowski were selected as the standouts based on their excellence in key criteria – including taste, presentation of product, insight behind the innovation and originality in the market.

The entries were judged by four leading industry representatives – Pam Brook, co-founder of Brookfarm, Australia’s leading producer of gourmet macadamia cereal and snack products, Nick Palumbo, founder and co-owner of Gelato Messina, Dr. Barry McGookin, food technologist, PhD in Food Science, General Manager of Innovation FIAL, and William Peterson, owner of Infinity Bakery.

The judges were impressed by the high standard of the finalists’ entries and excited by where they could lead. Pam Brook said that all the judges found the depth of innovative thinking from the entries incredibly exciting.

Up until now global production of macadamias has been relatively limited, only representing about one per cent of global tree nut production, but in recent years there has been a wave of new investment in growing macadamias which will see a flourish and macadamias become more available globally.”

We hope that macadamias will represent closer to five per cent of the tree nut market within the next 10 years. Our vision is to see many more products manufactured using Australian macadamias, and the Innovation Challenge was created with this in mind,” she said.

The Judging Event and winner announcement ceremony took place at Harvest, Byron Bay on Thursday 1 March.


Lucky Cashew Meal

Product Name: Lucky Cashew Meal

Product Manufacturer: Lucky Nuts

Launch date: 8/10/15


Shelf Life: 6-12 months

Packaging: Plastic Bag

Brand Website:

Describe the product: Introducing Lucky Nuts Cashew Meal, the first cashew meal to hit supermarket shelves in Australia. 

Made from cashews (and nothing else) and packed full of essential nutrients including zinc, protein, iron and magnesium, Lucky's Cashew Meal is incredibly effective in reducing the risk of heart disease and reducing muscle soreness after a work-out, while the high level of zinc boosts your immune system – fighting off infection. 

Lucky Nuts Cashew Meal is a great alternative for wheat-free cooking and baking. It's also incredibly versatile – a nutrient rich addition to smoothies, curries and tasty power balls.

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Macfarms launches easy open Macadamias

 Inspired by the booming trend in China, those nutty geniuses over at MacFarms have launched Macadamias that can be consumed directly from the shell using a unique key in the pack. – Easy Open Macadamias (Roasted & Salted in the Shell).

Macadamias are rich in good monounsaturated fats and fibre, as well as antioxidants, vitamins and minerals containing high levels of essential nutrients iron and magnesium, however unlike opening peanuts or pistachios, it takes some serious manpower to extract a Macadamia from its shell; 300 pounds of pressure per square inch to be exact, making it the hardest nut in the world to crack.

Available in a 350g stand-up resealable pouch, every Macadamia has a groove in its shell, which can be opened using a small metal key included in each pack. Simply insert the key into the slit and lever to crack open the shell to reveal the nutty treasure inside.

Grown and harvested on home soil, MacFarms Easy Open Macadamias are available for limited seasonal release in the fresh produce section of Coles supermarkets from October, while stocks last.