Four’n Twenty craft beer pies

The first batch of Four’N Twenty craft beer pies rolls out today in Coles and Independent Retailer stores nationally.

The pies are a nimble twist on a Four’N Twenty, spiking Australian Angus beef mince with three distinctly different flavour variations, Peppered Beef pie with Dark Stout, Smoky-style Beef pie with Pale Ale and Classic Beef pie with Golden Ale.

An intriguing combination – craft beer in a meat pie – It’s a tasty emblem of grassroots Australian business. 100 per cent Australian angus beef is paired with craft beers from local Grand Ridge Brewery in Gippsland, Victoria.

Grand Ridge Brewery founder, Eric Walters is an Angus beef farmer come brewer who was very selective on what pie brand he partnered with, “We all love a Four’N Twenty, so we chose to work with Four’N Twenty based on their stellar heritage and emotional connection with Australia the world over,” he said.

For Four’N Twenty, the marriage of angus beef and beer was based on a keen understanding of consumers tastes – both male and female. The new range was quoted by participants in consumer focus groups as “something a little bit special”.

Four’N Twenty’s selected to work with Grand Ridge Brewery based on its local and International reputation for consistent top-quality beers.

“We engage in insight led innovation at Four’N Twenty – we research, listen to consumers and give them what they want. With the Craft Beer Pie, we wanted to make sure it was unique and something new that all Aussies will love,” said Anand Surujpal, General Manager – Marketing & Innovation.

Four’n Twenty launches hand-held lasagne

Four’n Twenty has created the Topper, the first product from the company that is not a pie.

The Topper is a hand-held crispy breadcrumb parcel that comes with three filling options,  Lasagne, Mac ‘N Cheese and Chicken Cordon Bleu. An entirely new product for the brand in Australia, the flavour range can be found in Woolworths nationwide and its own category on Wikipedia today.

“Four’n Twenty is proud to launch this completely new product to Australia. We have bridged the gap between a snack and a meal with delicious food on the move. We know Aussies will embrace the Four’N Twenty Topper just as much as they love and cherish all of our creations,” said Four’n Twenty CEO, Paul Hitchcock.

In March, the company conducted a survey with a group of 1,000 consumers to evaluate the new Four’N Twenty Toppers concept. On appeal, price, brand fit and consumption occasion more than 60 per cent of target consumers were hungry for the product, with the most excitement around the three flavours, the crispy bread crumbed shells and the convenience.

Four’n Twenty pies more popular than ever

Australia’s iconic meat pie, Four’n Twenty, is celebrating its 70th birthday this year with record sales and new research that shows the meat pie is now more popular than ever.

Roy Morgan Research’s latest findings show the number of Australians (aged 14+) who like eating pies (and pasties) has grown from 8.1 million (42.6%) in 2013, to 9.4 million (47.5%).

That’s almost 1 out of every 2 Australian adults who enjoy meat pies – and the number is growing.

The increasing popularity of meat pies is reflected in the growing sales of Australia’s biggest selling pie brand, Four’n Twenty.

The company’s GM Marketing & Innovation, Stuart Smyth, says sales of Four’N Twenty pies are growing by 19% in supermarkets, and 2% in convenience stores.*

In 2016, Four’N Twenty sold a staggering 21 million pies, pasties and sausage rolls. That’s more than 57,000 consumed each day.

According to Smyth, meat pies have long been Australia’s favourite food because of their taste, convenience and value. The continuing growth in the company’s sales has been driven by flavour innovations and increased quality.

“We are growing the market by introducing exciting new flavours. Our Limited Edition Four’N Twenty Cheeseburger Pies, and Chicken Parma Pies, have been a big hit.

“And we’ve invested in state-of-the-art cooking technology, which has enabled us to increase the quality and flavour of the meat with our popular Real Chunky range.

“Four’N Twenty has every right to the title of Australia’s national dish – the Great Australian Taste – and that looks set to continue for a long, long time,” Smyth said.

The company will soon launch a consumer promotion celebrating its 70th year which will feature the great Aussie sense of humour for which the brand has become famous.

* IRI AZTEC, National Australia Grocery + P&C scan database, total $ sales vs YA, total FNT, MAT 29.01.17







Herbert Adams’ Slow-Cooked Pies available in Woolworths bakery section

A new range of Herbert Adams “Slow-Cooked” pies are now available in the chilled bakery section of Woolworths supermarkets.

The gourmet pies are slow-cooked “sous vide” style for six to eight hours to maximize the flavour, tenderness and succulence of the meat.

The new range includes Chunky Beef, Chunky Beef and Mushroom, Lamb and Rosemary, Smoky Pulled Pork and Chicken Leek and Camembert Cheese.

“They are gourmet quality, great value and quicker to heat and serve, providing an easy meal option for a whole new range of customers,” said Steven Chaur, Patties Foods MD and CEO.

“We are bringing a whole new level of quality, value and convenience to the bakery shopper,” he added.

The new Herbert Adams Slow-Cooked pies are available in the bakery section of Woolworths supermarkets nationally with a recommended retail price of $4.99.

‘Australia’s Fast Food’ – meat pie exhibition coming to a library near you

An exhibition detailing the history of the meat pie and its iconic place in Australian culture is currently touring NSW libraries.

Titled ‘The Meat Pie: Australia’s Own Fast Food’, the exhibition is being curated by the Australian Society for History of Engineering and Technology (ASHET). It first showed in May last year and by the end of this year it will have visited around 40 NSW libraries.

Ian Arthur, who researched and curated the exhibition, told ABC Radio the meat pie dates as far back as the second century AD. The pastry in the pie was intended as vessel to contain the meat as it cooked.

Arthur said the history of the pie in Australia started with the first white settlers and, over time, the meat pie became Australia’s iconic fast food, in the same way America is known for hamburgers or Britain for Fish and Chips.

However, interestingly, Australians are not the biggest meat pie consumers. New Zealanders share our love of the meat pie and they each consume an average of 15 of the tasty packages a year compared to the 12 per year that Australians consume.

Image: ASHET