Mextrade joins Sesión as exclusive distribution partner

Sesión tequila is joining forces with the distributor of Mexican tequila and mezcal, Mextrade. 

The partnership means Sesión's genuine 100 per cent Blue Agave tequila is now available in all the top bars and restaurants across the country, delivering a unique chance to savour the complex flavours of an artisinal, small batch tequila made using traditional techniques.  

Founded by local Mexican entrepreneurs with a passion for hospitality and the best Agave-based spirits, Mextrade sources only from family-owned brands who have been working in the field for generations. 

Today, Mextrade is the premier distributor of 100 per cent Agave Tequila and Mezcal in Australia and works exclusively with some of the best known brands of Agave distillates across the globe. 

Australia set to turn the tequila industry on its head

Sesión is an Australian owned tequila that is sourced from one of the most respected agave farms in Mexico, producing the smoothest product on the market. Sesión, meaning “session” in Spanish, rings true to its meaning by encouraging a new way of consuming the premium product with a partner, friend or group of friends over a longer period of time, rather than the fast experience of a shot.

 Sesión’s genuine 100% Blue Agave tequila is a reflection of its authentic Mexican roots, while also offering a fun Australian twist on the spirit. The result is a smooth and pure tequila that is made to be sipped and savoured so as to enjoy the complex flavours.
Made using only the finest ingredients and distilling processes, without any additional sugars, extracts, or processing, Sesion creates tequila that is 100% pure and natural. The product is made through an artisan small batch process following traditional methods to ensure that there is no compromise on its taste, resulting in a lustrous quality premium spirit.
Sesión is sourced from Tierra de Agaves, located on the outskirts of Tequila Village in Jalisco, Mexico and home to agave fields that are as old as tequila itself. The distillery is owned and operated by the most revered tequila manufacturers in Mexico, the Beckmann family, close descents of Jose Cuervo – the first producer of tequila. 
The company says the brand will encourage a different tequila experience in Australia, beyond the tradition of shot with salt and lemon. Sesión seeks to educate those who enjoy tequila in its purest form, as well as with their favourite mixer or in a cocktail. 

Sesión will be available for a three week exclusive sale through Qantas epiQure from 7 October, with three distinct flavours: Reposado, Blanco and Mocha. It will then launch nationwide in Australia, Asia and the US on 28 October 2015.