Dock leveller for food industry

The MHE Gator is a tough and safe dock leveller that caters to many industries, including the food sector. A dock leveller is a piece of equipment used for servicing a range of trucks at the loading dock. Using the dock leveller promotes the safety of goods and the operators. It also facilitates loading and unloading operations efficiently. In warehouse operations, dock levellers are considered a must-have item for any busy warehouse.
MHE-Demag’s heavy duty 9mm diamond deck with I-beam underdeck support and auto-tilt technology ensures stability. Safety features such as full-range telescopic toe guards on the flanks of the dock leveller ensure that feet, equipment and materials are not accidentally jammed under decks.

Fall-safe rupture valves of the hydraulic systems also ensure the dock is maintained at level if a truck departs while the dock leveller is engaged or in the unlikely event that a hydraulic hose bursts. Cold rolled profile beams provide the strongest underdeck support, and are the sturdiest structural members. Additionally, vulnerable points at the sides and corners of the deck are further reinforced.

Optional truck restraints prevent unintentional departure of trucks from the loading bay, as they hold on to the ICC bar of any type of trailer to the loading dock.

The MHE Gator also takes into consideration one-person jobs, where a single servicing staff is in charge of maintenance operations. In such cases, a remote control allows them to operate and raise the deck from the front of the dock leveller and safely engage the maintenance strut.

The standard range design has a rated capacity of 22.7 t (ANSI), with a vertical working range of +/- 305 mm. Standard power supply is 3ph / 400V / 50-60Hz. Custom variations are available upon request.