Increase in milk price helps with relief fund

Coles has announced that it has begun distributing $3,974,292.30 collected by their Coles Dairy Drought Relief Fund.

“This is great news for 639 dairy farmers across Australia, including more than 190 Norco Member milk suppliers, who will now receive payments from the fund,” Norco Chairman / Interim CEO Greg McNamara said.

“Coles announced in September that it would add 30 cents to the price of Coles Own Brand 3 litre milk sold between 21 September and 31 December 2018, with the extra money going into a fund to help dairy farmers struggling with the impact of drought.

“Due to the extremely difficult conditions on farm and recognizing that our Members were being burdened with additional farm work due to the drought, Norco allocated resources in assisting Members to complete their applications to the fund.

“I am pleased to advise that the Co-operative was actively involved in the application process for around 80 per cent of the more than 190 Norco Members who will receive payments from the fund.

“As a 100 percent farmer-owned dairy co-operative, we really want to thank all the customers who supported this Coles initiative, which in turn has provided much needed assistance to our Co-operative Members. Our strategic partnership with Coles and the support they have provided is very important to our dairy farmer members who continue to be adversely affected by this prolonged and debilitating drought,” said McNamara.