The rise of plant-based meats in Asia Pacific 

Globally and within APAC, there has been a spike in plant-based start-ups and a flood of new faux-meat products entering the market.

Many of them are backed by major multinationals and investors. The better known of these plant-based meats are formatted around western cuts such as burgers and nuggets. They are also highly processed.

Join Mintel’s expert analysts, Jolene Ng and Jodie Minotto, as we explore the fast-evolving world of plant-based meats and their role in the future diet of the Asian consumers. Our topic of discussion will include:

  • Will these products gain traction among consumers in Asia?
  • Are Asian consumers seeking plant-based versions of meats they are more familiar with?
  • Or, already familiar with ‘mock meats’, will they rather seek out the real thing?

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How important is “Australian-Made” in food and drink? 

In the face of a looming recession, questions about price and value are at the forefront of consumers’ concerns. At the same time consumers are more aware of where their food comes from, and there is a growing desire to support local companies. How can brands capitalise on these  consumer sentiments?

Mintel’s Purchase Intelligence tool tells you what new products Australian consumers want to buy and why. Join us as our Senior Food and Drink Analyst, Megan Stanton delves into the topic of ‘Australian-made’ and how consumers judge this claim.

We will discuss

  • Which brands are doing “Australian made” well?
  • Which consumers are most interested in Australian made products?
  • Is the  per cent of Australian made ingredients important to consumers?
  • Will consumers pay for the benefit of ‘Australian-made’?

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