Matthew Nelson

Mintel announces Matthew Nelson as new global CEO

After 16 years as chief executive officer, expanding Mintel’s consumer and category research to over 80 markets worldwide, Peter Haigh takes up a new position as chairman of the Mintel Board, remaining closely involved in the company’s future growth strategy. Succeeding Haigh, the Board of Directors has appointed Matthew Nelson as the new global chief executive officer.  
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Sustainability, animal welfare and plant-based diets are transforming the dairy industry in Asia-Pacific

Plant-based protein diets have been heavily promoted in recent years as traditional meat producers and dairy companies look for ways to excite consumers with nutritional, healthy and premium food and drink products. While COVID-19 has increased consumers’ interest in plant-based diets, they are also paying more attention to ingredients and practices that support safer, alternative food and drink production and innovation. For example, a third (33%) of Indian consumers* pledge to eat fewer animal products (e.g., dairy, meat) as part of their post-COVID food and drink resolutions; in South Korea, 71% of consumers** agree that climate change will have an effect on the foods/drinks they buy; meanwhile, 57% of urban Chinese consumers agree that the environment has become a higher priority since the COVID-19 outbreak.
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Mintel research shows that chocolate brand can leverage texture to dial up the indulgent experience

By Daisy Li, Associate Director, Food and Drink, Mintel Texture is the new innovation frontier in the food and drink industry. Besides spicing up the taste experience by adding various food textures, it is also perceived to link with mood enhancement. More than half of Chinese consumers would like to try a new chocolate featuring rich texture. It is a good opportunity for chocolate brands to incorporate various textures to dial up the indulgent experience with chocolate. Read More