IronBark Distillery already winning awards

 Ironbark Distillery has been recognised as the best gin distiller in the country after less than a year in the marketplace.

Ironbark took out Australian Gin Distillery of the Year at the 2015 Melbourne International Spirit Awards: its Ironbark Wattleseed Dry Gin was awarded a silver medal and Ironbark Dry Gin a Bronze.

The high-end spirit products created by Reg Papps are comparable to the best spirits in the world – with a uniquely Australian twist.

Combined with Australian-grown grain and specially sourced flavours, spirits are proofed with purified, sterilised, locally sourced water, filtered through carbon and bottled by hand in the distillery.

The Ironbark Distillery range began with two products in its range now they have six products in there range, featuring there award winning Wattleseed Dry Gin.

The Ironbark Distillery produces top-shelf moonshine vodka and gins and are stocked in Australia’s best restaurants and hotels.