Replacing roller chain with poly chain in F&B applications

According to Gates®, roller chains are a thing of the past. As a leading manufacturer of drive belt solutions – and the inventor of the original V-belt – Gates® has a history of innovation, and the Poly Chain® GT™ Carbon™ synchronous belt is an example of innovation at its finest, improving the safety, efficiency and longevity of power transmission in food and beverage applications. Read More

Fresh produce business gets a whole new bearing on production

Frequent equipment washdowns in food production are essential to achieving high standards of sterility. However, it is widely known that greased bearings and high-pressure washdowns have a problematic relationship – the constant cleaning washes away bearing lubrication and chemicals can be tough on the bearings themselves, causing early wear.
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More uptime on the menu with OPTIME

One of the primary causes of waste in the food and beverage industry is equipment failure. Yet it is also preventable with a proactive approach to maintenance that involves the condition monitoring of machinery, said Ryan Kendrigan, general manager of Engineering & Services at Motion Australia. 
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LOCTITE bonds with an instant classic

Industrial maintenance requires fast and firm adhesion of substrates and materials such as plastics, metals, and rubber. The advent of instant adhesive allowed for quick bonding between two surfaces—ready to use in three minutes and continuing to strengthen with time achieving optimal strength within 24 hours of application.  
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Fine filtration, from grape to glass

Whether it’s an acclaimed Shiraz from the lush coastal climates of McClaren Vale; a crisp Sauvignon Blanc from the rolling hills of the Riverina Region; or a cool Sparkling Wine from Tamar Valley—3M Purification understands the importance of the purification process for creating award-winning Australian wines.
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