New Zealand Coastal Seafood has appointed as CEO

New Zealand Coastal Seafoods has appointed Andrew Peti as CEO of the Company. Peti was appointed as Chief Operating Officer in September 2019, before being appointed Interim CEO on 3 March 2020. A summary of the key terms of Mr Peti’s remuneration is set out at Annexure A.

During his prior role as CEO, he assisted with management, operations and business development, before being appointed Interim CEO, where he has played an instrumental role in securing high value purchase agreements, which have built a strong foundation of established revenue streams of $4.15m and $376,000 from Supermilkbaba and Good Health, respectively.

Peti has also assisted in NZCS’s expansion into the high growth nutraceutical market, which was an estimated at $332 billion in 2018.

Peti holds over 14 years’ commercial experience in the seafood industry, including eight years as operations manager at Ngai Tahu Seafoods (NTS), a private New Zealand based company supplying domestic and international markets with harvested seafood under contract.
During his time with NTS, Peti managed a number of large scale commercial projects, including several infrastructure and fleet upgrades across NTS’s multi-site operation, with direct responsibility for identifying and implementing operational efficiencies and commercial opportunities and carrying the projects through to full implementation. In addition, Peti has experience in seafood export into China, with a strong understanding of the unique regulatory framework, processes and personnel requirements to land seafood products in the region.

 “I’m very pleased to be appointed CEO of the company after assisting with the growth of NZCS. I look forward to continuing to deliver shareholder value, as we continue to expand the business in both the seafood and nutraceutical market,” said Peti.