Why a smart value chain is crucial to operational and business success

Australia’s ‘Top 100 Manufacturers 2019’, powered by National Manufacturing Week, was recently released with the $383.2 billion industry, which employs over 791,000 Australians, projected to achieve a growth rate of 1.2 per cent over the next five years to $405.8 billion in 2023-241.

Asahi Beverages, the Australian New Zealand business of Asahi Group Holdings (Japan) that was listed 41st on this year’s ‘Top 100 Manufacturers’, moved up three places in the past year and was one of 17 food product manufacturing companies (the leading category of this year’s list) that made Australia’s ‘Top 100.’

“Undoubtedly, there are numerous factors that contribute to a manufacturing company being a leader or ‘Top 100 Manufacturer’,” said Anna Reid, general manager of manufacturing of Asahi Beverages. “The fundamental attributes that have contributed to our business success and inclusion on this year’s list of leading manufacturers, include having a clear strategic plan, a strong record of consistent and profitable growth, continued strong investment across Australia to improve our manufacturing and distribution facilities, improving efficiency across all areas of the business, driving continued innovation across the business, differentiating ourselves from competitors to attract great talent and having an extensive portfolio of great brands that Australians know and love.

“We are proud to be manufacturing in Australia and manufacturing some of the nation’s most loved brands, including: Schweppes, Solo, Asahi Super Dry, Pepsi, Gatorade, Cottee’s cordials, Spring Valley, and Vodka Cruiser. Although we are a relatively young company, having been formed in 2014, we have a rich history through our various integrated businesses, which have been acquired by Asahi Group Holdings.”

According to Liam Harrison, senior industry analyst at IBISWorld, the fact food production and manufacturing companies are the leading category within this year’s ‘Top 100 Manufacturers’ is indicative of Australia’s export and trade largest contributors, with integration a pathway to success for many companies.

“It’s certainly no surprise to see the ‘Top 100 Manufacturers’ for 2019 dominated by companies operating within food production and non-metallic mineral production. Australia is renowned for its strong agricultural exports and mining, energy and resources industry. Vertical integration is also major factor for many of leading manufacturers in generating revenue or stabilising the impacts of volatility to their manufacturing division. For the majority of Australia’s manufacturers, the major challenges that exist are the threat of global competitors with well-resourced and integrated supply chains, substantial energy costs and high wage costs.”

For Asahi Beverages, the integration of its 2,100 people (across Australia and New Zealand) and emerging technologies to build a smarter value chain, as well as a firm commitment to innovation, has provided a platform to both compete and grow. Reid, who will be presenting on ‘Building a Smart Value Chain’ during the conference program at National Manufacturing Week, also shared Asahi’s approach of finding the right technologies to meet strategic plans and deliver value was also a key factor in operational success:

“We have taken a mature journey approach, with a focus on building strong foundations to leverage future development of our operations. This involved developing an adoption plan across our supply chain, looking beyond technology to new skills and IT infrastructure, while working to strengthen existing processes to support reliability. Major technological innovations are fueling significant change throughout the world, with the manufacturing industry embracing the inter-connectivity of new and emerging technology or ‘Smart Manufacturing’ and ‘Industry 4.0’.

“At Asahi, we’ve been building a strong collaborative partnership between our business’ information technology and operational technology functions to ensure we have the right infrastructure backbone. We’ve also focused on digitising our factories in a structured way to achieve data standardisation and optimisation, which offers real-time analytics. Additionally, the agile learning approach we’ve adopted, focusing on process improvement and deliberate experimentation, coupled with embedding a problem-solving mindset amongst our employee base, have also been key contributors to our success.”

A flying start for innovation: NMW 2016

National Manufacturing Week 2016 began with buzz yesterday at Sydney Showground, with visitors offered a host of opportunities for innovation.

The NMW product showcase reflected the changing face of industry, with advanced and automated technologies in all Product Zones, while the NMW Seminar Theatre provided a platform for vital discussions around leadership, collaboration and how local businesses can affordably access world-class research services.

Co-located with the Safety First Conference & Expo and Inside 3D Printing, NMW 2016 is Australia’s largest, longest running manufacturing industry event.

Among the hundreds of exhibitors at NMW are those presenting new products to the Australian market: including local start-up 3D Brink and Amaero Additive Manufacturing, both introducing new machines that can create – for the first time in the world – larger-sized 3D printed parts.

The broader NMW showcase features dynamic advances in materials, robotics and more: with Impact Robotics hosting Australia’s first public demonstration of its Sawyer collaborative robot, ATOM showcasing a dispensing system for consumables and global powerhouse Saint-Gobain introducing its films, tapes and fabrics for engineered products.

NMW is also ‘home’ to organisations  delivering real, practical assistance for business innovation. The NSW Dept of Industry has a team of advisors on Stand 2620 outlining assistance programs, including – in addition to grants and incentives – helping direct you to potential industry partners. KPMG is also participating in the event, with its consultants sharing ideas for business growth.

Thursday’s session schedule features three separate speakers – including from The Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre, Western Sydney University and AusIndustry – sharing strategies for growth by engaging Australia’s research capabilities, followed by separate presentations on Skills Development and Funding for Innovation.

Day 2 of NMW will also feature a strong practical element, including Australia’s first public demonstration of the Sawyer Collaborative Robot, as well as of welding and riveting innovations. The program will conclude with an evening Plastic Seminar, outlining technical advances in Injection Moulding and auxilliary processes.

NMW runs through to Friday 13 May.

National Manufacturing Week 2016 begins today (schedule)

Doors have opened for National Manufacturing Week 2016, held at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park.

The three-day event includes over 200 exhibitors, live demonstrations, and is co-located this year with Safety First and Inside 3D Printing.

Day 1 at a glance

10:00am Doors open

10:30am Keynote address – CSIRO Manufacturing; Capabilities, Collaboration and Impact

11:00am  Live Demonstration of the Multicam CNC Routing Machine

11:05am South Australian Success – The REDARC Story

11:40am The importance of Leadership in a high-performing Manufacturing Company: what we have learnt from the Auto industry and how it’s helping other industries

11:45am  Live Demonstration of Waterjet Systems

12:15pm From the Lab to Commercialisation: Managing long commercialisation journeys

1:20pm The power and value of design:  how this can lead to new business models for manufacturing SME’s

1:55pm  Nautitech, How we survived, when the vultures were circling

2:20pm Live Demonstration of Pulse Mig welding

2:30pm Supply chain efficiency issues facing the manufacturing industry and what the future holds: Why Supply Chain Automation and Why Now?

3:00pm  Live Demonstration of 3D Printing solutions

3:35pm Connectivity, design and the industrial internet of things in Australia’s manufacturing future – impacts on products and processes and business potential

4:30pm Networking Function

6:00pm Doors close for day 1

NMW 2016: Paving the way to new markets

Against a solid backdrop of manufacturing industry growth – the AI Group's March figures show that Australian manufacturing has grown for eight consecutive months and is now at its strongest point this decade –  this year's National Manufacturing Week (NMW) will prove a buoyant meeting place for businesses looking for ideas, technologies and solutions that can help their businesses get ahead.

NMW (May 11 – 13, Sydney Showground – Sydney Olympic Park) is Australia's largest, longest-running manufacturing event, bringing the industry together to see, touch and discuss new and innovative manufacturing solutions.  NMW 2016 will showcase hundreds of products and services from around the world, laid out in 12 Product Zones, ranging from Automation & Robotics to Digital Manufacturing, Intralogistics, Advanced Materials and more.

Among dozens of firsts for NMW 2016 will be innovative materials handling systems from Magnet Sales and Millsom Materials Handling, next generation LED lights from LEDified as well as new 3D printing technologies – from Konica Minolta, Amaero Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing Systems, 3D Printing Studios, Sydney 3D Printing and more – that can help boost your production capabilities.

NMW also gives you the opportunity to see new and innovative technologies in action: with a rolling demonstration program of next-generation robotics, welding and super-fast weld cleaning, CNC routing and more.

As Kevin Smith, GM of Millsom Materials Handling describes, "You can tell people that their vacuum lifting technology means you effectively require only one person for a lifting task: but when you demonstrate vacuum lifting, people really get its potential for delivering OH&S and productivity gains."

"There's just nothing like a physical demonstration, which is why we're going to be part of NMW 2016," he said.  

Alongside its impressive showcase, NMW will also present a powerful seminar program featuring industry leaders sharing new ideas and strategies that have delivered proven success.

Among high profile speakers will be Dr Keith McLean, CSIRO's Manufacturing Flagship Director outlining some of the ways in which 400 Australian manufacturers have leveraged CSIRO research to help them target new, high value niche markets. CSIRO, says Dr McLean, stands ready to partner with more businesses to develop new products, processes and materials that can give local businesses an edge.

Also at the NMW Seminar Theatre, Sam Bucolo, Professor of Design Innovation at UTS will share his passionate interest in Design-Led Innovation, the approach used by global brands such as Apple, Nintendo & Alessi to generate creative product innovations.

There will also be a clear focus on reducing operational waste.  Speakers including Peter Meakin from the Opie Manufacturing Group will outline strategies for streamlining production, transport and even innovation processes, to free up time and/or restheirces for new programs.

NMW 2016 will also focus on emerging opportunities through its co-location with the Safety First Conference & Expo, Australia's one-stop workplace safety event, as well as Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo, the Sydney edition of the world's largest 3D printing event.

Held once every two years in Sydney, NMW gives business professionals the most comprehensive, focused showcase of new ideas, technologies and strategies for being at the forefront of change and industry growth.

Don't miss out! Entry to NMW is free for trade visitors and registration is now open at nationalmanufacturingweek.com.au. By registering now, you'll access a range of services, including updates via the NMW website for this year's game-changing event.

May 11 – 13

Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park


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Get Healthy at Work – www.gethealthyatwork.com.au. 11

Goodwill Precision Machinery Co Ltd. 11

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Shenzhen Esun Industrial Co. Ltd – www.esun3d.net. 20

Sydney 3D Printing – www.sydney3dp.com.au. 20

Sunlec International Pty Ltd – www.sunlec.com.au. 20

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Thinky Corporation – https://thinkymixer.net. 21

Timotion – www.timotion.com/. 22

Weldbrush – www.weldbrush.com.. 22

White Industries – www.whiteindustries.com.au. 22


Adept Turnkey – www.adept.net.au

Stand 1406

Adept Turnkey is Australia's largest, independent product and technical resource for machine vision and imaging. Operating for 27 years and carrying a wide range of imaging products, Adept provides a one-stop-shop experience with expert technical advice and support both pre- and post-sale.

At NMW 2016, Adept will feature the latest automated inspection components and systems for factory automation and the most current high-speed cameras for high-speed machinery diagnostics and troubleshooting. Live demonstrations will feature the new BOA2 Smart Camera from Teledyne DALSA as well as LMI’s 3D smart cameras performing measurements and checks on products.

Also to be demonstrated is a new system developed by Adept that performs a full 360o inspection of labels on bottles, as well as a high-speed camera and a wide selection of industrial cameras, optics, lighting and software.

Adept's technical engineers will be available to discuss any applications or issues you may have where automated inspection could be the solution.

Amaero Additive Manufacturing – www.amaero.com.au

Stand: 1604

Recently hailed for its contribution to 'printing the world's first jet engine', Amaero manufactures metal alloy parts for aerospace, defence and biomedical applications by laser-based additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing.

Amaero has a combined experience of over 25 years in producing parts by this process and is expert in a broad range of materials including titanium, aluminium, stainless steel and nickel based alloys.  Visit stand 1604 to discuss:

  • Production of components directly from the CAD file
  • Development of existing components to reduce cost and weight
  • An alternative process to casting for complex, difficult components
  • Feasibility studies for manufacture

Amaero is the only company in the Asia-Pacific region to have the Concept Xline 1000 powder bed machine, which has the largest build volume in the world (630mm x 400mm x 500mm).

Ampec Technologies – www.ampec.com.au

Stand 1830

Facing with high MOQ or minimum order value with your existing Cable Assembly supplier?

Ampec Technologies may be able to assist. Ampec specialises in low volume high mix cable assembly manufacturing. They have recently installed several fully automatic cut and strip and crimp machines to improve lead time and effective use of labour. You may find their prices competitive.

Assembly Technologies Pty Ltd – www.assemblytech.com.au

Stand: 1910

Assembly Technologies specialise in screw assembly systems with automatic screw feeding.  They offer solutions for hand held applications, components for machine builders upto fully automatic systems.  Their supplier, Deprag are known worldwide for their expertise in screw assembly and screw feeding applications.

This year the company will also be showing the Deprag Industrial range of High powered pneumatic grinders, including efficient, compact turbine motor powered grinders.

Australian Inhibitor Pty Ltd – www.australianinhibitor.com.au

Stand:  2110

Australian Inhibitor (AI) formed in 1955 celebrates over 60 years of service and product solution supply to the Automotive, Engineering, Marine, Mining, Defense and Arts industries. AI are a specialty niche Research and Development Company dedicated to manufacturing Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor  (VCI) and related products and services.  Their laboratories operating from Dandenong in Victoria Australia allows the close study and consideration of VCI migratory conditions in many packaging materials. 

Australian Inhibitor provides VCI Coated papers of varying sizes and extra-large VCI Laminate barrier bags termed Ferro Foil™. Ferro Foil is virtually moisture and vapour proof forming an integral part of total packaging supply. This product carries MIL SPEC NATO Stock numbered to NSN 8135 -66-158-8104 recognized worldwide. MIL SPEC and NATO NSN military standard packaging materials are provided to the Navy, Army, Air force and engineering industries for short or long term storage or shipment e.g. BAE, RAAF, Boeing and others. Emitters, Silica gel and other forms of desiccants form part of their total supply capability.

Australian Inhibitor has been at the forefront in developing new products locally and internationally receiving prestigious Global Awards for Packaging Materials on (3) separate occasions – 2006, 2011 & 2013/2014. These awards are the result of AI’s rigorous laboratory testing for its solutions for the wider range of Industrial Auto, Engineering, Mining, Defence and Arts.

Axelent Automation & Safety –  www.axelent.com.au
Stand 2140

Axelent takes workplace safety very seriously. Manufactured in Sweden to the highest standard, AS4024.1 Safety compliant, and over 4kms of stock warehoused locally to ensure exceptionally efficient order turnaround.

Axelent X-Tray (Cable Management System)

A simple, smart and flexible solution to organise and control cables. The X-Tray can be used in conjunction with the X-Guard, or as a stand-alone product with the ability to be mounted from the wall, floor or ceiling. Five surface treatment coating options are available (including 316L Stainless Steel as preferred by the food industry), all tested and approved by the International Cable Management Standard, IEC 61537.

Axelent X-Guard (Machine Guarding)

13 width and five height options, five different locks plus a multitude of other parts and accessories enable you to perfectly tailor your machine safety needs. Use the special X-Key to remove a panel in just a few seconds to access the guarded area, this reduces cost of ownership by providing quick access to the guarded machinery during a break down or maintenance. The installation process is so quick and easy that you need to see it to believe it. Even their largest panel systems can be installed by one person.

Better Springs – bettersprings.com.au

Stand: 1706

An Australian owned family business established for over 45 years, Better Springs manufacture all types of springs, wire shapes, pressings and leaf springs. Wire sizes range from 0.3mm to 16.0mm and for leaf/flat springs from 0.2mm to 32.0mm thick.

Industries serviced include defence, agricultural, after-market automotive, mining, general and heavy engineering. Any quantity supplied from one off to many thousands.

Design and development work undertaken. Materials utilised include high and low carbon steels, stainless, monel, inconel, phospor bronze, etc.

Bilby3D PTY LTD – https://www.bilby3d.com.au/

Stand 1800

Bilby 3D are your experts in 3D printers and scanners. Whether you are a school, design studio or manufacturer they have the experience in your industry to advise on the best technology and machine for your needs. Bilby's printers print in plastic filament, liquid resins or nylon powder, as well as metal and rubber elastomer blends and effects. They don’t just sell these machines: Bilby 3D use them in 3D printing and scanning service every day. This gives them a unique perspective on which printer or scanner will best suit your needs. They have a reputation for honesty, not only in reviews, but also their recommendations. If they don't have a machine that fits your needs, they will advise where you can get one that will. Bilby 3D stock a wide range a of plastics, resins and consumables in their Sydney and Brisbane stores, from which they service and repair many models and makes.

Busicom  – www.busicomsolutions.com.au

Stand: 2220

The Busicom Group provides a comprehensive solution for all of your welding quality assurance and trade resourcing needs. Their solutions enable you to deliver your projects on time, on budget and at the highest quality level, with:

•    Supplying Trade Skilled and Semi-Skilled Labourers throughout Australia, including welders, boilermakers, pressure and structural welders, mechanical fitters, industrial electricians, pipe fitters and support tradespeople.

•    Providing qualified welding crew accompanied by first class engineering tradespeople supervisor and welding supervisor if required.

•    Customized Welding Quality Assurance Program, Third Party Welding Inspection, Workplace Assessments and Sydney-based Welding Training facility.

  • Ongoing management of resources and 24/7 on call support and more.

Contact 1800 BUS ICOM (287 426) or 0415 613 022.

Carl Zeiss Pty Ltd www.zeiss.com.au

Stand: 1710

As a metrology innovation leader, Carl Zeiss IMT manufactures a complete range of coordinate measuring machines (CMM’s) for every quality control need, as well as form, contour and surface testers, micro measuring system for extremely small parts such as medical components and CT x-ray scanner solutions for non destructive testing measure the interior of a work piece, reverse engineer and compare geometries.

Carl Zeiss also offers complete system services, including retrofits, hardware service, software support, training and part measurement service. Carl Zeiss is a recognized partner to the automotive industry and its suppliers with 1300 employees from three manufacturing locations and more than 100 sales and service centers. All relevant modules, such as controllers, software, measuring systems and sensors are developed and manufactured in-house.

The powerful CALYPSO CAD-based programming software for CMMs offers several key functions, options and features that reduce programming time and provide superior results.

Casey Cardinia Region – www.caseycardinia.com.au

Stand: 2216

The Casey Cardinia Region is the place to grow your business in Melbourne’s south east. As the second fastest growing region in Australia, the region represents a new frontier for business growth.

Into the future, the Casey Cardinia region will continue to flourish from the benefits of numerous proposed regionally significantly projects which will complement its strong growth and present exciting new opportunities.

Visit www.caseycardinia.com.au or contact one of their dedicated Economic Development officers to find out why the Casey Cardinia region is the best choice for your business.

CPR SafeInd – www.cprsafe.com.au

Stand: 1840

CPR SafeInd specialises in the importation, manufacture and supply of industrial machine safety guarding. They supply safety guarding solutions to a wide variety of industries and organisations and operate in all environments where industrial machinery is used and required to be compliant with safety and health standards. Their expertise includes:

•            Machine Safety Guarding

•            Trapped Key Interlocking & Key Exchange Systems

•            Modular Perimeter Safety Fencing

•            Dust & Fume Solutions

•            Lathe Belt Polishing Attachments

While working in close co-operation with their clients, they also have the ability to provide custom safety guarding solutions that are tailored to meet specific requirements, while still meeting the relevant safety standards. If you have a safety issue that requires attention, come and visit us at stand 1840 at National Manufacturing Week 2016 and we will be able to offer you a solution.

Cryonomic Dry Ice Cleaning – www.cryonomic.com.au

Stand 2126

Dry ice cleaning is a significantly faster and more efficient method compared to any other cleaning system. It's non abrasive – there's no wear to cleaned surfaces, which increases the life of moulds – ecological, economic and, because there's no need for disassembly, delivers productivity increases.

Here's what one dry ice client said: "Our injection machines are running 24/7 but some of the moulds must be cleaned every 48 hours to guarantee quality. In the past we have employed different methods including ultrasonic cleaning, grit blasting, solvents and cleaning with wire brushes. Cryonomic cleaning is by far the most effective and most profitable cleaning method. Now, one single person cleans their 10 main moulds whilst they are still hot and on the presses enabling more regular cleaning and eliminating extended downtime."

In fact, this client reduced the company's cleaning time by 80%!

Cutler Brands  – www.cutlerbrands.com.au

Stand 2616

Supporting Local Manufacturers

The most awarded commercial screen printing company in the Southern Hemisphere, Cutler Brands delivers printed bottles, screen & digital printing, and signage.

Cutler Brands recently supported Hoshizaki Lancer to manufacture the locally designed Cornucopia Tower drink dispenser that was exported and installed into over 100 New Zealand KFC stores over the Xmas period.

Cutler Brands assisted with the manufactured of the printed and vacuum formed front and end panels to strict specifications that pushed the vacuum forming process to the extreme and then lighting the panels with some eye catching LED’s to enhance the final product.

Working closely with customers at the design stage is becoming an important and integral part of the success of the final products as this allows all decorating options to be considered before final manufacturing is started.

If you have any needs for advice on enhancing or decorating your products for functional or visual effects, Cutler Brands can be contacted on email at sales@cutlerbrands.com.au or by phoning Paul or Adrian on 08 82689888.

Ensitech – www.ensitech.com.au

Stand: 1430
See Ensitech's live demonstration on Friday 13 May

Ensitech is bringing its easy-to-use and portable TIG Brush® Stainless Steel Weld Cleaning System to NMW 2016 to demonstrate a faster and higher-quality alternative to current weld treatment methods.

Ensitech is the ISO-9001: 2008 registered inventor and manufacturer of the award winning TIG Brush® Stainless Steel Weld Cleaning System. The system uses a proprietary electrochemical process that provides one-step cleaning and passivation (tested to international standards), requires little user training, and gives welders complete control over the surface finishing of their work.

The “TIG Brush Effect” is the wide-eyed look of disbelief frequently shown by first time observers as they view the TIG Brush’s superior weld cleaning and passivation capabilities. Ensitech welcomes you to visit them and  witness the power of the “TIG Brush Effect” for yourself.

Fein Australia – www.fein.com.au

Stand 1030

Fein Australia are attending NMW 2016 with a range of powerful modular and expandable GRIT belt grinding machines designed for manual trades and for small series. They are ideal for machining stainless steel. There will also be tapper demonstrations, the Fein grinder range with Tyrolit cutting discs and the professional stainless steel sanding range. Cold cut saws and core drilling machines that are compact with high mobility for vertical and overhead installation work will also be on display with live demonstrations. Visit stand 1030 to see how Fein can help your business.

Foxconn Australia Pty Ltd –  foxconnaustralia.com.au

Stand: 1504

Located in Sydney, Foxconn Australia is a subsidiary of the largest manufacturer of electronics products in the world. Foxconn Australia provides:

1. Final Assembly: Foxconn is a world leader in electronics design and manufacturing, with a proven track record of quality, flexibility and speed.

2. Customise & Reworking electronics goods to your requirements. With proven processes for high volume, amazing flexibility and excellent quality coupled with fast turnaround to help minimize your time to market.

3. Warranty Repair: including diagnoses, spare parts purchasing, storage and product repair, distribution and refurbishment.

Get Healthy at Work – www.gethealthyatwork.com.au

Stand  1640

Healthy workers, healthy results

Did you know that healthy workers are more motivated, report higher rates of job satisfaction and have fewer sick days? Or that by valuing the health of your workers you can improve your organisation’s corporate image, reduce staff turnover and increase employee engagement?

 Get Healthy at Work is a free NSW Government service that offers businesses all the tools, resources and support they need to address risk factors for chronic disease in the workplace. Importantly it also includes a confidential Brief Health Check to help workers better understand their risk of developing heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

To participate, register your business at gethealthyatwork.com.au

Goodwill Precision Machinery Co Ltd

Stand: 1722

Established in 2004, Goodwill Precision Machinery (GPM) offers precision machining services for non-standard mechanical parts, spare parts, metal fabrication, precision welding, design & assembly, fixture and jig with supplied drawings. Management system company with ISO9001:2008 and TS16949 certification, custom made ERP & Barcode Scan System, strict quality assurance system.

GPM services markets in Germany, Europe, America, Japan and Australia, and has established partnerships Panasonic, Philips, TDK, RICOH, APPLE and more, with a catalogue of more than 100 products.

Gradient Services Pty Ltd & Y&J Industries Co, Ltd

Stand: 2520

Gradient Services and Y&J Industries bring together one of Australia’s most reputable suppliers of manufactured equipment with one of Asia’s best manufacturers of custom made castings and forgings. With offices throughout Australia they offer a broad range of engineering and manufacturing services, including

•             Mechanical Engineering and Design

•             Machining and Fabrication

•             Site Services and Labour Hire

•             Contract Procurement Services

•             Contract QA Assessments.

The company's machining capacities include CNC turning and milling on horizontal and vertical lathes, as well as multi-pallet machining centres.

Hoganas AB – www.hoganas.com

Stand: 1500

Höganäs is the world’s leading manufacturer of iron and metal powders continuously pioneering into new developments. Digital Metal®  is Höganäs revolutionary, proprietary precision ink-jet technology for additive manufacturing and 3D printing of metal components and systems. It offers a unique capacity to rapidly and cost-effectively produce highly complex and intricate designs and features for metallic parts. As the world moves steadily towards more generative and flexible manufacturing methods, Digital Metal is at the forefront of this development.

Höganäs also offers an extensive range of metal powders for additive manufacturing.

HR3 – www.hr3.com.au

Stand 2002

HR3 will be bringing its full range of OHS/WHS management software and services to NMW2016. HR3’s comprehensive range of management software and services are suited to any business size in any market sector.

HR3 provides cost-effective solutions, which means users of the HR3 OHS/WHS product range vary from 15 employee private engineering firms to multinational companies with over 1,000 employees and contractors. This year, HR3 will have its latest HR3people web system as well as their SQL-based OHSpack solution. They’ll also have their HR3mobile APP for smart phones and tablets on display. HR3 OHS/WHS solutions are available as OYO (Own Your Own) or subscription pricing via on premise or cloud deployment options. With a multitude of integration options, HR3 solutions can give you a single database for all your OHS, HR and Payroll requirements. If you’re coming to NMW2016 why not drop by the HR3 stand and see why they’re regarded as one of Australia’s leading employee management software providers.

Jubilee Springs – www.jubileesprings.com.au

Stand: 1542

Established in 1938, Jubilee Springs designs and manufactures compression, tension and torsion springs, wire shapes and flat pressings for customers ranging from small businesses to large national and international companies.

A 100% Australian owned and operated business, Jubilee Springs has built a solid reputation on hard work, reliability and on their integrity. Talk to the team at NMW about professional spring design and manufacture, compression, tension & torsion springs, metal pressings, die springs and more.

Impact Robotics – www.impactrobotics.com.au

Stand: 1010

See Impact Robotics live demonstration on 12 May

Impact Robotics specialises in the supply and integration of collaborative robot solutions for manufacturing, processing and materials handling operations. Impact Robotics is the exclusive Australian & New Zealand distributor for the Baxter & Sawyer Collaborative Robots from Rethink Robotics and the MiR100 Autonomous robot from Mobile Industrial Robots of Denmark.  Impact Robotics works with clients to improve productivity and competitiveness, reduce operating costs and increase safety levels through the use of these world-leading technologies.

Inno Pac Korea Inc. – innolite.company.weiku.com

Stand: 1940

Reflective tape and reflective film for safety garments, uniforms, sports bags, backpacks, automotive, marine and sports apparel, athletic footwear and anywhere where an extra margin of safety is required.

Innovative Welding – www.innovativewelding.com.au

Stand 1330

Innovative Welding is the Australian distributor for K-Tig keyhole welding systems as well as other welding automation equipment and integration. K-Tig uses CSIRO developed technology to produce single-pass welds in many metals up to 16mm thick. Materials include Titanium, Stainless steels, Duplex, Inconel, Hastelloys, Super alloys, Nickel alloys… and others.

Case studies are available with Customer Documented savings of in excess of 90%.

 Kemppi Australia – www.kemppi.com

Stands 1325, 1220, 1226

See Kemppi's live demonstration on Wednesday 11 May

Leading international welding equipment manufacturer, Kemppi, will be showcasing its range of welding helmets – the Beta 90 FreshAir, Delta 90 FreshAir and the Delta+ 90 FreshAir. The helmets have been specifically designed to provide the utmost protection against welding, grinding and associated airborne fumes and dust contamination, ensuring your comfort while meeting Australian standards.

Visit the team to talk about Kemppi's innovative welding technologies and productive welding solutions that deliver on the Kemppi promise, 'The Joy of Welding'.

Kockums Bulk Systems Pty Ltd www.kockumsbulk.com.au
Stand: 2130

The lifting, powders & packaging experts.
Kockums Bulk Systems specialise in the design and supply of powder handling systems from raw materials in through to packed goods out. Their diverse product range includes bulk bag filling/emptying, IBCs, conveying, discharge aids, weighing, metering, bagging, palletising systems and wrapping/hooding.

Grown from its roots in vacuum lifting, Kockums Lifting Division applies over 25 years of engineering skill to offer custom, quality solutions. Electric, pneumatic and manual cranes and lift carts are all available to complement their unrivalled range of vacuum tube lifters and vacuum gripping attachments.

Konica Minolta Business Solutions – www.konicaminolta.com.au

Stand 1402

Konica Minolta Business Solutions will showcase 3D printing technologies from 3D Systems, that help companies create working prototypes, parts and custom-made products in a fraction of the time currently required, with industry leading service support by Konica Minolta’s national service organisation. Konica Minolta works with organisations large and small to provide integrated print and content management solutions and services to improve productivity, reduce costs, increase security and achieve sustainability outcomes.

Klingspor Australia Pty Ltd – www.klingspor.com.au

Stand 1530

Klingspor Australia is a German based manufacturer of high-quality abrasive tools. Klingspor invented the flap disc and the cutting and grinding disc, and remains a leader in abrasive technology. With 11 highly skilled field sales staff in Australia to help you with problem solving for cutting, grinding and surface finishing.

LEDified – www.ledified.com.au

Stand 2206

LEDified’s latest LED Highbay features lighting automated-technology that can be tailored to suit

a range of commercial applications.

SIGMA combines Nichia’s SMD technology with innovative engineering to produce an LED light that delivers exceptional efficacy, a brilliant lumen output, and a slimline structure carefully engineered to maximise heat dissipation. The result is a long-lasting, reliable and powerful light, with advantages including:

  • Compact -one-third  the size of traditional highbays
  • Instant –  SIGMA illuminates instantly
  • Resilient – Lasts an expected 100,000 hours
  • Efficient – Light savings of up to 90% while still emitting brilliant light

Call 13LEDS (13 53 37)


Leussink Engineering Pty Ltd – www.leussink.com.au/

Stand:  1730

Leussink Engineering are manufacturers of the Demmeler World Class Jigging & Fabrication systems for over 30 years & are the Newly appointed FARO Metrology Agent for Australia & New Zealand.

With its simple but ingenious Demmeler Jigging & Fabrication System visitors can be hands on and receive professional demonstrations outlining how Demmeler can improve productivity & provide quality components whilst reducing overall tooling costs.

Visitors  will also witness the latest FARO Metrology Equipment performing reverse engineering & hard probing quality measuring & inspection tasks.

Demmeler Jigging & Fabrication Systems have many configurations to suit any application large or small in any industry that requires Research & Development, Fabrication & Welding. Demmeler has both Expert & ECO line of products that can suit any budget. Product Development, training, comprehensive stock & ongoing support is all value added components that businesses look for & Leussink Engineering prides themselves in all these aspects.

Visit the stand to see:

  • FARO Edge ScanArm & V6 Laser Line Probe can Reverse Engineer components in a matter of minutes not days as has been the case in past years.
  • FARO Laser trackers have been an integral part of large dimensional checking & measuring for some time & this technology will also be available on their stand.

Come along to the Leussink Engineering stand & explore the tools needed to keep up with today’s engineering demands.


Magnet Sales Australia – www.magnetsalesaust.com.au

Stand 1444

Magnet Sales Australia are established manufacturers and suppliers of industrial magnets for welding, lifting and fabrication solutions. Their range will be displayed at NMW Stand #1444 and feature safety innovation in the workplace.

Magnet Sales' Cable Safety range consists of Cable-MATE, Cable-BUDDY and Powr-Safe lead holders. These feature a high-strength magnet which holds to any steel surface allowing for safe, non-fuss rerouting of cables and prevention of trip and electrocution hazards. 

Each of their Pro-Lift lifting magnet units are fitted with an approved safety latch to protect operators to the highest level. Useful for handling steel sections, beams and components, the Pro-Lift range varies from 100 kg lifting capability up to a massive 6 tonne!

Overbelt and suspension magnets are crucial for extraction of tramp metal in mining, recycling and processing plants for product safety and machinery protection.

MSA will also be displaying the Magswitch range of welding and lifting magnetics. Magswitch technology allows more efficient, faster and safer set up, work holding and lifting in the steel fabrication industry. 

MSA are serious about safety and protecting their ever-growing client base. Detailed safety and operating instructions are provided with every MSA product.

Mecca Electronics (China – HK) – www.mecca.com.hk

Stand 2212

Mecca is a Hong Kong based ISO 9001, ISO/TS16949 OEM / ODM manufacturer established in 1984, providing vertically integrated solutions including Electronic Manufacturing Service, Plastic Injection and Metal Stamping.

They undertake both box build assemblies and sub-assemblies for customers from various products ranging from consumer electronics, telecommunication, audio and video to medical, computer, lighting and more. The company is in compliance with the RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC and WEEE Directive 2002/96/EC and has in-house tooling and paint shops in house to reduce lead times.

Metal Science Technologies – www.metalscience.com.au

Stand 1230

Metal Science Technologies proudly presents the latest developments in stainless steel weld cleaning. Among this year's highlights are four new machines, including the lightweight and highly portable EASYkleen TEC, the robust, economical EASYkleen PLUS BRUSH and two powerful EASYkleen PRO models for medium to heavy work.

Metal Science Technologies works with premier Universities and the leading stainless steel companies to provide proven and highly effective post weld finishing electropolishing machines.

Its manufacturing plant is located in Moruya (south of Sydney), NSW, with a new purpose built facility that has increased manufacturing space 10 fold with a dedicated R&D area of 280sq m. The company manufactures machines to strict quality control, and final testing is performed by management staff before any machine leaves the premises. Metal Science Technologies machines are proudly sold around the world.

Millsom Materials Handling Pty Ltd www.millsom.com.au

Stand: 2230

Millsom Materials Handling is one of Australia's leading supplier of cranes, hoists, vacuum lifting systems, vacuum components and materials handling solutions. Through their reliable service you can buy vacuum lifting equipment including carton and sack vacuum lifters, sheet lifters for timber and steel and more with the expectation of quality products and affordable prices.

Millsom is a quality assured company, and provides a full installation, maintenance and repair service to suit all your handling specifications and requirements. With innovation in mind, we have developed a range of equipment that improves your production and safety in the workplace.

They invite you to recognize the Millsom difference and find out more about their hoists, cranes and vacuum lifters available throughout Australia.

Milltech – www.milltech.biz

Stand:  1552

Since its inception in 1992, Milltech Martin Bright has progressively grown to be Australia’s leading Engineering Bar Processor with a product range which includes:

• Heat Treated Alloy Bar in all surface finishes

• Bright Drawn and Peeled Carbon Bar

• Precision Ground Bar

• Induction Hardened Bar

• Hard Chrome Plated Bar

Milltech employs 60 technicians, production and administrative staff and produce in excess of 20,000 tonnes per annum, with world class equipment such as the SUPERQUENCH advanced technology Continuous Heat Treatment Line for bars up to 150mm Ø as well as the MARCHROME state of the art continuous Chrome Plating Lines.

Multicam Systems Pty Ltd – www.multicam.com.au

Stand: 1820

See Multicam Systems' live demonstration on Wednesday 11 May

Australian made Multicam CNC routing machines are designed for profile cutting sheet product and extrusions including aluminium, and other non-ferrous metals, aluminium composite materials, plastics, insulation materials, foam, rubber, and timber products and laminates.

Multicam machines are an excellent alternative to plasma and laser machines and offer significantly reduced operating costs when compared to plasma and laser.  With a range of specialist software solutions for insulation, ACM, cabinetmaking, shop fitting and kitchen industries to give you the most from your investment. Multicam CNC routers also integrate with industry standard software.

With offices in NSW, Victoria and Queensland Multicam machines are backed by a dedicated team of factory trained technicians ensuring that you get quick, reliable service when you need it.

OMAX Corporation – www.omax.com

Stand: 1026

See OMAX's live demonstration on Wednesday 11 May

OMAX® designs and produces advanced precision waterjet systems sold and operated worldwide. Their easy to use machines cut virtually any material without any heat-affected zone, eliminating the need for secondary operations. Their ultra-efficient pumps use less electrical power  while delivering the highest nozzle horsepower in the industry. With two product lines, OMAX offers a large variety of table sizes and accessories for jobs ranging from one-off prototypes to mass production. Their extensive set of accessories allow you to do 5-axis, taper-free and 3D cutting. All of their waterjet systems are designed, manufactured and tested at their USA facility before shipping to ensure reliable, accurate cutting from day one. With the largest in-house waterjet R&D team in the world, OMAX is able to make use of the latest technology advancements to provide faster cutting speeds and decreased downtime.

OneCNC – www.onecnc.net

Stand: 2330

OneCNC CAD CAM  is a market leading computer aided manufacturing CAM system for NC part programming. With unparalleled ease of use and sophisticated toolpath generation, it’s the only CAM system you’ll need for milling, turning and mill-turn machining, Wire EDM, Laser, Plasma, Router or Flame Cutting machines. OneCNC has Versions that provide a wide range of capabilities in 2, 3, 4 and 5 axis machining. 

The programming flexibility extends to a comprehensive range of CAM functionality that can be applied to any type of CAD from almost any source . Multi Axis is the ultimate tool for full 4 and 5 axis positional and 5 axis simultaneous machining of parts and OneCNC has solutions for these machines.

Pneutech – www.pneutech.com.au

Stand 1916

Pneutech continues to expand its market offering to the plastics industry with new and innovative ideas to increase production rates whilst reducing overheads. This includes through the development of solutions with suppliers. Pneutech now offers a huge range of drop in solutions for the PET stretch-blow industry such as improved spindle tips, compensation bars, oven spindle mandrills, transfer grippers and high pressure blow valves. In addition, the use of MAC valves has proven to be the most reliable and efficient way of controlling blow fill machines in the market. MAC valves continue to increase reliability, improve fill accuracy and reduce downtime in most areas of the blow fill process from mixing of syrups through to the capper. In addition they have developed similar innovative solutions for the thermoforming and continuous extrusion industries that continue to improve their customer’s profits.

Reconeng – wwww.reconeng.com.au

Stand 1630

Reconeng is proud to showcase ProfiStop at this year's NMW. ProfiStop is a revolutionary automated length stop and feeding system suitable for automating simply all your repetitive production positioning tasks. In addition to mechanical automation ProfiStop streamlines workflow management in the most intuitive way possible from your order to finished parts.

High accuracy | Class leading positioning system, accurate time after time.

Simple to implement | Bolt-on, plug-and-run system, even for the most sophisticated automation tasks.

High-value management | Simplest possible jobs management with cumbersome processes made simple.

Australian made, World leading. Talk to the team at NMW about how ProfiStop™ can de-bottleneck your productivity.

Qifeng Precision Industry Sci-Tech Corp – www.qfwj.com

Stand 2201

Qifeng Precision Industry Sci-Tech Corp., originally known as Zhejiang Qifeng Hardware Make Co.,ltd, was established in 2001. The company has over 200 employees, total capital of RMB 80M (AUD $17M) and its plant is over 28540 square meters. Annual production capacity is 18,000 Ton, of general fasteners , railway fasteners, aerospace and military precision fasteners sold domestically and exported to USA, Japan, Europe and more than 20 other countries.

Qifeng actively invites strategic partnerships in aerospace and military applications.

Revolution Materials – www.revolutionmaterials.com.au

Stand 2516

Bio-Circle Surface Technology GmbH – Making Green Work!  Innovative, high-quality products for parts cleaning, corrosion protection, lubrication, weld protection and more.   Revolution Materials will be exhibiting Bio-Circle's parts cleaning solutions, from the innovative new Clean Box and Clean Box Flow, through the industry-leading Mini, Compact and Maxi bio-remediating parts washers, to the powerful Bio-Circle Turbo, for both automatic and manual cleaning.  Bio-Circle are a world leader in bio-remediating parts cleaners. The bio-degradation of oil and grease contamination in the washer means the cleaning bath does not require frequent changes. Cleaning power is constant – it does not deteriorate with use, as with solvent cleaners. Water-based, Bio-Circle liquid is non-hazardous, non-flammable, safe for human skin and comfortable to use. 

Shenzhen Esun Industrial Co. Ltd – www.esun3d.net

Stand 1206

Established in 2002, Shenzhen Esun Industrial Co Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise which is committed to industrialization of biodegradable materials, such as PLA and PCL. The company has three R&D centres involved in strategic emerging industries projects, key technology research project units of Shenzhen 3D printing materials, national standards leading drafting unit of FDM3D printing materials. Esun has strong relationships with leading 3D printer manufacturers in FDM 3D printing materials, and customers around the world.

Sydney 3D Printing – www.sydney3dp.com.au

 Stand 1404

Sydney 3D Printing provides the latest cutting edge 3D Printing technology by offering a range of 3D Solutions, Services and Products in Australia. They are an authorised reseller for the most comprehensive industry leading 3D printers, print materials and parts on the market. They make 3D printing accessible for everyone.

Sunlec International Pty Ltd – www.sunlec.com.au

Stand: 2120

Sunlec International is the trusted, quality-endorsed source for Wire Marking and Cable Marking Systems. They offer a variety of Marking Systems from Automated Marking Printers through to Grafoplast® Manual Wire Marking Kits, and a wide range of consumables.

Bulk marking is a breeze with your own Automated Printer (inc Mobile Units) or you can have Sunlec print the markers for you. Their in-house marking lab works from your supplied numbers and sends you back the completed tags pronto.

Sunlec offer free next day delivery on a wide range of products – backed by friendly, fast and reliable service.

Supagas – www.supagas.com.au

Stand:  1138

Supagas is your local gas supplier and a born and bred Australian company that has been providing gas services since 1997. Supagas has an extensive range of gases, including: Domestic gas, HeatagasTM, Helium, Hospitality gas, Industrial gas, LPG, Specialty gas and Welding gas. Supagas’ state-of-the-art facilities allows them to offer multiple gas types, gas products as well as run specialised laboratories to mix and test specialty gas in their NATA accredited laboratory. With multiple distribution centres, branches and agencies growing nation-wide, Supagas is able to provide fast and reliable service as well as free delivery to most areas with quality service every time.

3D Printing Systems – www.3dprintingsystems.com

Stand 1300

3D Printing Systems offers a powerful range of 3D Printers that change the way we work and live. They specialise in offering systems that don’t use locked or vendor proprietary cartridges, empowering you, the customer to use lower cost and experimental materials. At NMW this year,  3D Printing Systems will be showing some of the latest 3d printing plastics being used in the industry. From wood infused with polymers to Nylon blended with carbon fibre providing 100 MPa. Visit 3D Printing Systems on stand 1300 to see how plastics are being engineered for 3D printing.


TechRentals Pty Ltd – www.techrentals.com.au

Stand: 1810
TechRentals offers a vast range of test and measurement equipment for hire, rent, and sale. Located in over 10 convenient sites spread across Australia and Malaysia; the group is committed to putting in the hard work in to provide the right solution to get the job done. They employ a team of over 200 staff members who possess the end-to-end knowledge and experience to deliver the best advice.

TechRentals' extensive range of rental products that include: radio frequency test equipment, physical measurement, general industrial test equipment, environmental, OHS, chemical & laboratory, electronic test equipment, electrical power, construction, building services, data and telecommunications.

Be sure to take advantage of their enormous selection of products that will prevent larger more expensive and time consuming issues in future. If you find a cheaper rental quote, TechRentals will beat it by 10% (Conditions apply).

Tesuco – : www.tesuco.com.au

Stand 1426

Tesuco Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian company based in Sydney that celebrated 25 years in July 2013, Tesuco supplies a wide range of gas equipment to the industrial, scientific, medical and beverage industries. The range includes regulators, manifolds and gas welding, cutting and heating equipment.

At NMW, Tesuco will display the Oxyturbo Set 200, ideal for plumbing, refrigeration and air conditioning. Tesuco will also have interesting new products: including its HEAT SINK CO2 welding gas regulator, that allows for high flow without the need for power, a high pressure dual stage regulator and two styles of gas warmers for CO2 and argon / CO2 mixtures.

Thinky Corporation – https://thinkymixer.net

Stand 2340

Thinky Corporation, a leader in industrial mixing and deaeration, will showcase its Planetary Centrifugal mixer / deaerator that disperses materials uniformly and deaerates simultaneously.  Used by many in the plastics industry – especially when making plastic moulds – to remove air bubbles and mix at the same time, the unit can process various materials such as adhesive, silicon resin, epoxy resin, CNT, sealant material for LCDs. Quick processing, easy operation, high reproducibility, and the lack of mixing blades eliminate the need for cleaning the blades are some of the features. Thinky is experienced in vacuum deaeration, emulsification, and nano pulverization.

Timotion – www.timotion.com/

Stand 2226

TiMOTION is an industry-leading provider of electric linear actuators. Their teams specialize in innovative solutions that help manufacturers of industrial, furniture and medical equipment to provide the best possible solutions to their customers.  TiMotion knows that any problem can be solved with the right technology and that drop-in replacement, customizable electric linear actuators are increasingly used for applications where hydraulic and pneumatic systems are not the best fit.

TiMotion's field is highly specialized and requires close collaboration with each individual customer. Their team understands your unique challenges and has the experience and breadth of knowledge to help you find the right solution.

Weldbrush – www.weldbrush.com

Stand 1340

Weldbrush manufactures weld cleaning and electro polishing machines, delivering real-time and cost savings while lifting the industry standard for weld finishing.

Weldbrush proudly introduces the WB500 WELD CLEANER,  the latest in fast and affordable weld cleaning technology that cleans and polishes metal welds with ease. The WB500 is a fast and inexpensive weld brush that cleans stainless steel, brass, and bronze, after they have been heat tinted, or TIG, MIG, or Spark welded. As well as cleaning, the unit can electro-polish, mark, or brush electro-plate the same metals.

Weldbrush also proudly announces the WB450C, an entry level 450W machine, that is ideal for cleaning and marking.

White Industries – www.whiteindustries.com.au

Stand 2020

White Industries is one of the most established foundries in Australia, with over 60 years creating castings for rail, mining, automotive, road transport, agriculture and general engineering.

Still owned and operated by the White family, they use advanced technology and skill to bring value to your manufacturing operations. Take your castings to a new level of performance and functionality by working with the largest family-owned and -operated foundry in Australia.

White Industries are dedicated to not only creating high quality products, but also to working with your business as a whole to improve efficiency.

Showcasing a selection of ferrous castings as well as the non-ferrous castings they currently manufacture for their customers (including Mack, Drake Trailers and Honeywell Turbo Technologies), the White Industries principal benefit is their highly experienced team.

The team of patterns makers, moulders metallurgists and CNC machinists have decades of knowledge across many industry sectors and can ensure that your business needs are understood.

Visit the White Industries at stand # 2020 to talk directly with the business owners, and explore how this one-stop-shop for castings can give you consistent quality, specialist products and delivery on time for all your metal component requirements.






WE WANT YOU to enter the Endeavour Awards for Australian manufacturing excellence

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Maybe there’s a crack young engineer at your company who’s doing great things. Put them forward for Young Manufacturer of The Year. Has your workplace completed a program that’s made everyone safer? Safety Solution is the category for you. Is your success the result of offering something unique and high-tech? You’re probably a good fit for Most Innovative Manufacturing Company.

We’ve had some fine entries from some utterly outstanding companies, and we’ve extended the deadline for nominations to March 18. WE WANT YOU to help us make the 2015 Endeavours even greater than last year, which saw a record field of contestants and received attention from metro TV stations and newspapers.

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