nudie launches new dairy-free coconut yoghurt

It’s nothing new that people are going coconuts about coconuts and no-one knows that more than nudie, who were the first major brand to launch coconut water into Australia in 2010. 

Now they’ve taken coconut goodness one step further by launching a new and deliciously creamy coconut yoghurt, which is dairy-free, gluten-free, low in sugar and contains no additives.

Made using coconut milk, nudie’s coconut yoghurt is a great alternative for people with lactose intolerance, casein allergies or those who are limiting their dairy intake. 

One of the flavours (natural) is even vegan friendly too.
nudie nutritionist Helen Ridge said, “nudie coconut yoghurt is a fantastic alternative for the one third of Australians who are limiting their dairy intake.”
“Despite being dairy-free, nudie coconut yoghurt contains live cultures (probiotic bacteria, otherwise known as good bacteria). Probiotics can assist in gut health, which in turn means a stronger immune system.”

Carlie Platts, nudie’s chief brand governess added “We’re always thinking of innovative ways to create good and we’re so excited to launch into this new category. Not only does our coconut yoghurt taste delicious, it’s also dairy-free and contains no nasties. We’re very proud to put our name to it!”