Vitalvegetables delivering nutrients to Australian consumers

A new vitalvegetables range has been introduced in Australian retailers that aim to improve understanding of the healthy nutrients contained in the products.

Following more than ten years of research identifying the best varieties and combinations of vegetables, the products contain high levels of nutrients good for health.

A combination of vitamins A, C and K mean that an average product would be beneficial for a healthy immune system and for bone health.

According to Dr Carolyn Lister from Plant & Food Research, the developed products have been designed to retain a high concentration of key nutrients for consumer health.

“We recognise that consumers want to be healthy, and through the vitalvegetables research we’ve made it easier for them to manage their diets to ensure they’re eating the right nutrients for the health benefits that matter to them,” Dr Lister said.

Growers, packers, exporters and shipping companies have a common interest in providing the best possible quality produce to export markets.

Quality cannot be improved during handling and transport, but the rate at which it is lost can be reduced.

Each particular overseas market and/or customer has product specifications, for example, the size, colour and maturity of produce.

Thus produce should be grown with the intention of supplying a particular customer, and the harvesting, grading and packing should be carried out in accordance with those specifications.

The research team has worked with growers to determine the best way to grow and harvest the vegetables in order to optimise nutrients, developing processes that will assist in the maintenance of nutrients through the packaging and transportation of products to consumer purchasing.