NORD collaborates with Obela and Smalte Conveying to improve productivity

Obela is known for its fresh, healthy and wholesome dips and spreads. With more than 10 unique varieties of hummus, Obela offers a product for every occasion with its range available in snack size, spreading tubs and a range for entertaining.

Back at its factory, the team works hard to ensure that every Obela dip is packaged with care and adheres to stringent hygiene standards. As demand increases, the need for improved productivity and reduced downtime becomes even more apparent.

Smalte Conveying Solutions, is a key partner in the supply of conveyor systems to Obela. OEM Smalte supplies conveying, elevating and automation systems for manufacturers of food products, automotive parts, paper products, bottles, pharmaceuticals, and other high volume consumer goods.

With the geared motors on conveyors in the Obela plant subjected to caustic wash downs, Vinod Pillai sales manager at NORD DRIVESYSTEMS was approached by Smalte Conveying to help find a resolution to a foreseen problem which could cause serious issues on the Obela conveyor line.

Aggressive washdowns were causing paint chipping and flaking on Obela’s geared motors, and the team were experiencing the age old issue of corrosion on shafts too. Here, the maintenance team needed to find the perfect solution for minimal maintenance and zero contamination risks. Vinod further explains, saying: “Smalte is a known customer of NORD. When approaching us with their problem, the team suggested the use of NORD DRIVESYSTEMS’ nsd tuPH product range,”

“The proposal was on-brief and on-budget. In researching these aluminium, IP-rated drives, we were impressed with its features and some of the case studies that we came across” says Rob Winterbottom, sales manager at Smalte Conveying Solutions.

With an increasing demand for the nsd tupH product range from NORD – particularly in the food industry, this product range has proved to deliver every time and in every environment.  Vinod says that they have come across many customers and potential customers who experience shortened service life and significant paint flaking and chippings on their current geared motors, and as such, the NORDtupH is the perfect solution when compared to its competitors’ offerings. Moreover, the NORDtupH anti corrosion protection ticks all boxes as it conforms to FDA standards.

“While there are many competitors on the market, what sets NORD apart is its advanced R&D, superior expertise and of course, that this product is tried and tested. In working with OEMs, we always encourage them to really do careful research and testing before specifying a product. This of course helps to improve their offering to the customer and offers a reliable solution to benefits all parties” Vinod continues.

“This particular offering from NORD offers a sleek surface treatment to make our IP-66 or 69K rated aluminium drive robust and resilient. It can withstand harsh washdowns, meet stringent requirements and is proven to last”.

Vinod further says that the superior finish of the nsd tupH range steers customers clear from the standard epoxy finish. “Our product offers anti-corrosion protection that is permanently bonded to the surface of the geared motor and is tested to be approximately 1000-times harder than your standard paint finish. Its smooth non-pourous design navigates away from any air pockets on the gearbox, the traditional heatsink as well as the cooling fan seen on a standard AC induction motor.

To conclude, Winterbottom from Smalte Conveying says that the project has proved to be very successful and that the team at Obela is very happy with the outcome in ensuring a longer service life and reduced downtime. “We foresee a long-lasting relationship with the team at NORD.”

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