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Open IIoT is encouraging food and beverage manufacturers to get onto Industry 4.0 or risk falling behind the competition. Balluff sales manager Jim Wallace told Food and Beverage Industry News that Industry 4.0 concepts were critical when it came to making informed decisions about the production process.   Read more

Open IIoT’s panel joins forces to bring a demo system to life for AUSPACK 2019

With collaboration being one of the leading drivers for Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the purpose of Open IIoT’s live demo system at AUSPACK 2019 is to emulate exactly this.

Beyond human interaction, collaboration now reaches across all automation components – at the very edge of the production system. Through the physical layer, it is now possible to collect data, monitor the condition of components and systems, diagnose and pre-empt faults before they occur, and most importantly, enable the system to respond with dynamic changes.

The Open IIoT panel, comprising of SMC, ZI-Argus, Beckhoff Automation, Balluff and Nord Drivesystems, has now built a live demo system to showcase how their joint forces can work together to build a complete IIoT integrated system for an end-user. By combining their expertise and components, this system will circulate various sized boxes based on their size, colour, texture, RFID and external labelling.

Key areas such as predictive maintenance, energy savings, horizontal and vertical networking, dynamic changes and data analytics will be brought to light through this unique creation.

Open IIoT will also be giving away a free Industry 4.0 factory readiness audit to one lucky customer.