Organic meat brand Cleaver updates labelling

Organic meat brand Cleaver’s (owned by Arcadian Organic & Natural Meat Company) has unveiled new branding designed to help consumers better understand their food and make informed choices.

All of Cleaver’s beef and lamb will carry the green ‘Certified Organic & Free Range’ branding. The beef and lamb will also have a large ‘grass fed’ sticker to help remind consumers that it was entirely raised the natural way – wandering about in a paddock.

Separate red branding will identify Cleaver’s ‘Certified Free Range’ products that are not also organic.

The organic food sector is one of the fastest growing categories in Australia. According to research conducted by Australian Organic, the estimated value of the Australian certified organic industry is $1.72B per annum.

According to the company, consumers want meat without GMOs, antibiotics, synthetic chemicals or added hormones. They also want it to be free range. Unfortunately, many are confused, unaware that you automatically get all of that when you buy a certified organic product.

The new Cleaver’s labelling addresses this key point of confusion directly. The new packaging for the Cleaver’s certified organic range will be sold under distinctive green ‘Certified Organic & Free Range’ branding. It expressly states that the certified organic meat in the package is also free range. Many consumers are unaware that meeting an organic certification requires raising the animals in a free range environment.

“Our research and feedback is that consumers want a much clearer understanding of how their food is produced. We’ve focused on making it as easy as possible for shoppers to identify this,” said Alister Ferguson, CEO of Arcadian Organic.

“We welcome this demand from consumers and we’ve listened to their feedback on wanting better labelling to help them make more informed choices.”

‘We believe the new branding will help consumers to easily identify the clean and humanely produced meat with all of the benefits they are looking for.”

In other updates to the Cleaver’s labelling changes, the company is also leading the field when it comes to country-of-origin labelling. The Cleaver’s brand is voluntarily adopting the new labelling standards that indicate the proportion of Australian content in the product.

The new Cleaver’s labelling will be available from March 14th in supermarkets and independent stores.