A fruitful outcome for conveyor systems

In Australia, many commercial-scale orchards are located in close proximity to canning facilities, where stone fruits such as apricots, peaches, and plums are processed and packaged before beginning their journey to supermarket shelves. Read More

A cut above the rest

Cutting equipment – such as sickles, knife heads, complete knife assemblies and guards, and mower attachments – serve a key purpose during the harvest season. Read More
It’s time to reconnect with Motion Australia

It’s time to reconnect

Motion Australia is back on the ground for this season’s return to agricultural field days. After a few years without outdoor trade events, the broadacre farming industry has been eager to gather in person once more, re-engaging with the wider community to showcase an exciting range of new products. Read More

High steaks, smart solutions

Anyone who has tried scrubbing thick grease off metal knows just how stubborn it can be. Soap and hot water will only go so far, often leaving a residual sheen that just won’t budge. Read More

Fresh produce business gets a whole new bearing on production

Frequent equipment washdowns in food production are essential to achieving high standards of sterility. However, it is widely known that greased bearings and high-pressure washdowns have a problematic relationship – the constant cleaning washes away bearing lubrication and chemicals can be tough on the bearings themselves, causing early wear.
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More uptime on the menu with OPTIME

One of the primary causes of waste in the food and beverage industry is equipment failure. Yet it is also preventable with a proactive approach to maintenance that involves the condition monitoring of machinery, said Ryan Kendrigan, general manager of Engineering & Services at Motion Australia. 
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