Cleavers expands Paleo range into Coles

Cleavers has added two new sausage flavours and a beef burger to supermarket shelves following the success of the Paleo Beef Sausage and high consumer demand.

Expanding the availability of the Paleo range to sell in Coles and Woolworths, Cleavers has created preservative free, grain free and soy free products using 100 per cent Australian meat containing natural ingredients.

Cleavers ambassador and Paleo advocate Pete Evans said “Cleaver’s Paleo range answers the food prayers of many, including health lovers who want themselves and their families to still enjoy the deliciousness of a great Aussie barbeque, without sacrificing quality or taste.”

The range is suitable for consumers who enjoy pure food products and follows the Paleo lifestyle without sacrificing the flavour of a burger or a sausage.