Amazonia detoxes its supply chain with new software

Australian company, Amazonia, is using Unleashed Software’s inventory management software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform to support what it said was a 60 per cent year-on-year sales growth by providing its expanding and dispersed workforce with better visibility and control of the supply and sales data of its health food products.
Amazonia finds and develops organic, functional foods and supplements. Its portfolio includes frozen and fresh Brazilian acai berries and the RAW range of protein and nutrition. The company partners with third party logistics (3PL) provider, McPhee Distribution Services, which stores and ships the products.
“When we increased our team to 25 employees across Australia, we needed a way to ensure every staff member had the necessary knowledge and tools to do their jobs – for us, that means instant information to support our retail clients and exporting business,” said Dwayne Martens, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Amazonia.
“We picked Unleashed because it not only gives us real-time information on what we have right now, but also because it provides accompanying sales reports to allow us to predict what we’ll need over the next quarter. The best part is that it’s all in the cloud, so we’ve got people right around the country logging into our system to access up-to-date data for various purposes.”
Unleashed’s cloud-based capabilities allow Amazonia’s State Sales Managers, for example, to track sales and batch numbers in real-time. This means staff can forecast stock requirements and place purchase orders to ensure the company’s regional operations are properly restocked to meet existing customer requirements and account for growth. By providing powerful monitoring, it also creates visibility into every batch of products, from source, through production and after shipment.
All orders placed through Unleashed are instantly prepared for invoicing, giving Amazonia an accurate, item-by-item breakdown of all purchases for greater visibility into stock levels – previously, large orders would only appear as one holistic value.
Gareth Berry, Chief Executive Officer, Unleashed Software said: “Whether its exporting acai to Spain or Israel, or restocking its local health food shops, sophisticated inventory management gives Amazonia the ability to ensure its staff can meet customer demand by always having granular visibility into stock, sales and supply chain.”