Grading pizza using artificial intelligence

Domino’s Pizza has  announced the launch of its DOM Pizza Checker, which is designed to  improve product quality and consistency throughout all Domino’s stores in Australia and New Zealand.

The technology has been introduced to tackle one of the Company’s most common customer complaints; “My pizza doesn’t look like it should?”

Domino’s Australia CEO, Nick Knight, said DOM Pizza Checker will address this concern by ensuring that only the highest quality pizzas go out the door, even in busy periods, eliminating inconsistency in product quality.

“DOM Pizza Checker [is] a smart scanner that sits above the cut bench and checks the quality of every pizza; working alongside our team members to help them make and bake pizzas to perfection every single time,”  Knight said. “If the pizza meets our high standards it’s good to go and if it’s not made right, we’ll make it again. This means our team members won’t lose focus on quality during busy periods and our customers can have greater confidence in our products.

“Currently, DOM Pizza Checker can recognise, analyse and grade pizzas based on pizza type, correct toppings and even distribution. It does this by capturing an image of the pizza and using artificial intelligence to compare this data with a large dataset of correct pizzas, making a quick assessment.

“Later this year we will be releasing even more features, including the ability to provide customers with a real-time image of their pizza on the cut bench. As part of this process, they will also be notified if their pizza has failed our strong quality testing, resulting in a remake,” Knight said.