Australia’s first mobile abattoir hits the road

Australian agricultural technology company, Provenir, wants to eliminate live animal transport with the release of its new mobile abattoir. The technology seeks to improve the welfare of the livestock, which means they will no longer need to be transported long distances, thus making the process more efficient.

Chris Balazs, CEO and co-founder of Provenir, said that based on his experience as a farmer, loading livestock is difficult work that comes with a risk of losing the animals.

“Mobile processing makes so much sense, for farmers, for livestock and for consumers. It’s the way of the future for red meat in Australia,” he said. “As a farmer myself, I hate loading my livestock onto the back of a truck. I work so hard to get them in top condition only to risk losing it all to a bad trip. I always knew there had to be a better way.

To ensure full traceability, Provenir is vertically integrated, with full control of the entire value chain, from on-farm processing in the commercially licensed mobile abattoir, through to artisan butchering, and sales and distribution of the packaged Provenir-branded meat product

“We understand that for today’s consumer, knowing the provenance of their food, how it was produced, and whether it meets their personal values, is imperative to their purchasing decision,” said Balazs.

Former CEO of Melbourne IT Theo Hnarakis said that he supports the disruptive business model of Provenir and their potential to make a difference.

“Provenir’s philosophy of disruption of an established industry piqued my initial interest. The vertically integrated value chain model, enhanced animal welfare, full traceability and improved quality of product for consumers confirmed this was more than a great idea,” he said.